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Description of features of the module BSG.World for 1C

The module allows you to send SMS, Viber notifications from 1C Enterprise. At the moment, the modules are available for the following configurations: 1C: CRM, revision 2.0, 1C: CRM for Ukraine, revision 2.0, Management of a small company, revision 1.6, Management of a small company for Ukraine, revision 1.6, Management of a small company for Kazakhstan, revision 1.6, Trade Management Revision 10, Trade Management for Ukraine, Revision 2.3, Trade Management for Kazakhstan, Revision 2, Trade Management, Revision 11, Trade Management for Ukraine, Revision 3.1, Trade Management for Kazakhstan, Revision 3.1.

The module is available upon request. To get modules, write to the support service.

Login and settings window:

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Here the user selects the default account, as well as the delivery method for trigger messages (for example, congratulations).

Message sending window:

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To send a message, open the corresponding interface (for each configuration, the location of the buttons will differ due to the specific configuration).

In the message types, you can choose the method of message delivery: SMS, Viber, Viber with automatic forwarding to SMS if not delivered to Viber.

If the option of sending with automatic forwarding is selected, then you need to specify two options for the message for Viber and for SMS. This is due to the fact that a message on Viber can contain up to 1000 characters, as well as an image with a link.

In the message itself, you can specify the template (after adding it). Templates are needed in order to display messages with variables from 1C itself (for example, company name, deal number, deal amount, and much more).

In the recipient, you can add a list of contacts to whom you want to send a mailing.

In the same interface, you can access information about the balance and check its status.

Report window:

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Use the settings to generate reports for a specific date.

Templates window:

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In this window the user can work with message templates. You can add a new template, you can edit an existing template, you can delete a selected template, you can sort templates alphabetically, you can move templates up / down.

Adding a template

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Contacts not participating in mailings


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If for some reason you do not want certain contacts not to receive mailings, add them to the appropriate interface.

Feedback window:

Add a separate tab in the Feedback interface. Using this form, the user can write a message that will be sent to the BSG support service e-mail. Use the login from the “Parameters” tab as user data.

Integration inside 1С:

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You can also send messages directly from the documents: Invoice, Customer order, Customer invoice.

Instructions for 1C developers on setting up and connecting the module