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Description of the capabilities of the BSG.World module for AmoCRM

Our BSG.WORLD/SMS&IM widget allows you to send newsletters directly from

To install and activate the BSG.WORLD/SMS&IM widget:

Before installing the widget, you need to agree with the rules for the widget.

After that, you need to add live_key to the widget settings (you can get it after registering an account on the BSG.WORLD website). After registration, go to your account at the link, go to the profile settings in the “Advanced” tab and generate the keys (they will be sent to the mail you specified in the profile settings).

Supported functionality:

  • Support for post templates;
  • Sending messages from contacts, deals and customer cards;
  • Automatic download of used sender names from your personal mailing cabinet bsg . world ;
  • Sending messages in transliteration;
  • Count of message parts;
  • Filtration of invalid phone numbers (long, short);
  • Recognition of phone numbers in various formats, for example, 900-123-45-67, 79001234567, 89001234567, etc .;
  • Displaying the mailing balance in the widget;
  • Detailed instructions for setting up and using the widget;
  • Personalization of texts;
  • Caching Sender List and Templates
  • Sending mailings throughout Russia, the CIS and the world.
  • Automatic dispatches by events

For mailing:

In the “Lists”:

In the “Lists” select recipients from the list of contacts, in the menu that opens, select “more” – “Send message via BSG.WORLD/SMS&IM” (see screenshot below):

The BSG.WORLD/SMS&IM widget will open on the right side of the screen (see screenshot):

In the widget:

  1. Each time the widget is opened, the balance is checked. Here below there is a button for replenishing the balance (the link leads to replenishment of the balance in the personal account on the site BSG )
  2. Sender’s name. By default, in the widget for SMS the sender is specified “ testsms ”, for Viber – “AdvInform ”. In order to specify your sender, you need to get it from the manager.
  3. Recipients: phone numbers are added automatically from the company card in the form of a cloud (with the ability to delete them). Also you can add extra. When adding, a check is made against the contact base for availability. If found, we substitute this contact. If not found – do not substitute. Automatically checks phone numbers for the correct format and convert to the desired international format (at the level of removing extra characters except numbers).
  4. Message text: here you can specify the message text. You can substitute personification parameters into the text ( shortcodes ): Client name, Company name, Responsible person’s name, Responsible person’s phone number, Deal budget, E mail of the responsible, ID contact in amoCRM , NAME – contact name in amoCRM , # PHONE # – contact’s phone number in amoCRM , # EMAIL # – email contact in amoCRM (if data is missing, the value in the template is replaced with an empty string)
  5. The option to save a template and select templates from saved ones has been implemented. When you click to save the template, a pop-up window appears in which you specify the name of the template.
  6. Below the message window, display the number of characters added
  7. The option to select the option for sending a message is even lower: sms , viber . You can only choose one of the options. If you select viber , additional fields appear where the user can specify the url of the button, url of the image (put a validation on the entered data). sms – sending goes through sms ; viber – first sent via viber , not sent via viber are sent via sms .
  8. Below is the option to transliterate Cyrillic into Latin
  9. Option to select the time of sending (by default, the current date and time, when you click on the calendar, a typical form for selecting the date and time appears)
  10. Next to the “Submit” button there is a “Check” button. By clicking on it, you get an estimate for the value of this post.
  11. After clicking on the “Send” button, the status of message sending is displayed under the button.
  12. After successful sending, the text of the message is added to the card.

Automatic sending by events

Implemented automatic sending of messages to Viber (with automatic forwarding of SMS not sent to ) by events.