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Description of the capabilities of the BSG module. World for Bitrix24

Link to install the application for Russian users:


The module is designed to send sms-, viber-, as well as omnichannel notifications to Bitrix24 clients.

The module operates in two modes: automatic (triggers) and manual (sending notifications to selected contacts).

Module settings:

To start working with the module, you need to register on the BSG.WORLD website.

After registration, you need to go to the account at and get the Live API key and Test API key.

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To get the keys, go to your account settings in the “Advanced” tab.

Add the received keys in the “Settings” tab of the module:

(37) BSG.WORLD - Google Chrome 2017-07-17 11.39.30

Test API Key is designed to find out the preliminary cost of a message that will be sent.

Live API Key is intended for sending messages no longer in test mode. Funds will be debited from the account for any message sent.

The following options are also available in the module settings:

Ability to specify your Alpha Name for sending Viber messages (you can get it from your personal manager; otherwise, by default, it will be substituted as the Alpha Name AdvInform);
Ability to specify your Originator for sending SMS messages (you can get it from your personal manager; otherwise, by default, it will be substituted as Originator testsms);
The ability to bind a separate Alpha Name and Originator for each responsible person. This will allow, for example, to bind separate Alpha Name and Originator to each department of your company, if necessary;
Specify curfew – at this time automatic (trigger) messages will not be sent;
Specify the time zone for correcting the time of sending messages.

Sending notifications to clients in manual mode:

To send messages to users in manual mode (by selected contacts), go to the “Mailing” tab.

At the first stage, you can choose the delivery option for messages: SMS, Viber (first sent to Viber, and if there is no Viber, then SMS automatically).

In the second step, you have to select a mailing list of your company’s clients. You can select recipients from leads or from contacts (there is segmentation by source within contacts). Additionally, to select recipients, use the filters (select men, women, etc.).

At the third stage, depending on the selected delivery option, you will need to specify the text of the messages itself (you also have access to the templates NAME, SURNAME, PATRONY), specify the sender’s name (by default, for SMS use the sender testsms; to get your sender name, you need contact the BSG manager (this can be done in your personal account on the website

The message can be sent either instantly or on schedule.

NB! If you want to send messages to Viber, first you need to activate this service in your personal account To do this, you need to contact the BSG manager. Also, to successfully send BSG, use the default sender name “BSG” (if you need to use your own sender name, contact the manager).

If you have already registered the alpha name (sender) for Viber, SMS in our account, you can replace the ones set in the application by default: testsms (for sending SMS), BSG (for sending Viber).

Sending notifications to clients in automatic mode:

To set up notifications in automatic mode, use the built-in Business Process Builder and Submit Robot.

The following automation tools are installed:

Business process: Sending SMS
Sending robot: SMS / Viber messages

To create a Business Process, go to CRM -> Settings -> Automation -> Business Processes. Next, go either to create a new template or to edit an existing template.


As you can see, we have configured sending SMS after the start of the New Lead task. How did we do it? It is necessary to find CRM -> Send SMS on the right among all available options and drag this option to that part of the processes when you want to send an automatic message.


After the business process appears in the place you want, go to its settings and select the SMS provider and template. To do this, click on the “gear”:


In the window that appears, select a provider and a template:


You can check the correctness of the Business Process setup by creating a new lead in CRM.

To configure Robots, go to CRM -> Lead. Go to any of the leads, go to the bottom to the “Automation” tab:


НYou can customize the sending of notifications at any stage you need. Sending can be either SMS or Viber.

To configure, click the appropriate option:


Then click on the “Add” button:


In the window that appears, select To contact the customer -> Send SMS:


Add a message and select a BSG provider.


If each department of your company has its own alpha name (sender) registered, then in the module settings you can assign your alpha name to the responsible employee of the department, and then, when adding a lead, indicate the employee of the department to whom this alpha name is assigned.

Also in the application in the settings it is possible to specify the hours when the application from robots will not send notifications (“Curfew”).

NB! It is important to remember that the work of Business Processes and Robots is possible only in the paid version of Bitrix24.

Report tab

In this section, you have access to the history of all sent messages.


тмваотмавдIn the reports you will see the id of the sent message, message, departure time, cost, currency.

Support service:

For all suggestions and questions regarding the incorrect operation of the module, contact the support service:

PHONE: +380 44 331 35 52