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10 Tips & Best Practices to Optimize Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

While marketing in messengers is quite effective, SMS marketing campaigns can help you keep your business top of mind by consistently reaching out to customers in order to build brand loyalty and repeat purchases. SMS marketing can help you nurture new clients or keep existing ones with relevant messaging or promotions.

A lot of brands regularly use SMS based advertising to make announcements and confirmations because a vast majority of their clients have a phone, and keep it close. The brands that are in the know use SMS marketing to boost conversion rates, foster loyalty, and improve customer relationships.

Texting marketing campaigns also act as a follow up to your Viber bulk message sender` campaigns, alerting your audience to important notifications they might miss in their cluttered inboxes and social feeds.

Is Sms Marketing Really Effective?

With 70% of customers saying SMS is a good way for businesses to get their attention and the average response rate for SMS marketing being 45%, every message you send out must be carefully thought out and have a purpose. People open their messages frequently thus, with a higher response rate compared to emails. 

Seeing  your response rates at a smart dashboard, you understand if your campaign is effective and is reaching the right corners. 

10 Text Message Marketing Tips That Actually Get Results

Know Your Target Audience

The most important part of your campaign is knowing who you intend to reach,, their demographic and psychographic data and other traits for segmentation their habits. This way you can make lists of customers you want to connect with about your certain products or services.

Get the Customer’s Permission

In order to avoid denting your brand image, getting consent from your target audience is essential. You have to make sure that your customers are able  to opt in for receiving messages from you, and send to only those who did that.

Make Opt-Out as Accessible as Opt-in

Like mentioned above, you have to make it easy for people to sign up to get your messages, but you don’t want them to feel tracked or bamboozled by your messages either. The unsubscribe option demonstrates respect for those willing to hear from you.

Employ Memorable Keywords

When your campaign begins, you have to use keywords that resonate well with your brand and your target audience. Remember that your keyword must not include special characters or punctuations. You have to break your campaign goals down to a straightforward word easy to understand.

Use Short Yet Concise Message

You need to tell your customers what your campaign is about with innovative messages in 2 to 4 short sentences, as the language and tone you use is everything in SMS marketing. People tend not to read long things. You have to give vital information in 2 or 3 short sentences.

Text messages are meant to be short and right to the point. People have to be able to assimilate the gist of the message within seconds, so avoid including paragraphs of text or multiple action options. Limit your message to:

  • Your offer
  • What it means
  • Its benefits to the customer
  • When it would begin and,
  • where would the offer be redeemed 

Put Your Customers in a Center of the Message

You have to create a personalized customer experience and build a connection between your brand and your customers. Speak their language and craft your message using templates like it is meant for them personally. Humanize your brand, talk like they do, and use a good sense of humor.

Utilize Call to Action (CTA)

You have to be able to motivate people to do what you need via CTA in your message. This is your own way of getting them to do what you want. It could be to shop on your website or apply a promo code. 

Be Aware of Time

Timing is an essential feature of a successful SMS marketing campaign . You need to accurately schedule the time of texting for your audience in a different time zone from yours. The best time to get your customers is around 12 pm during the week. Also, if you don’t pay attention to time, you can gain ill will, and your customers will opt-out.

Use a Shortened URL

You can improve your campaign conversion rate by going back to one of our earlier tips regarding keeping the message short. You would shorten your link to prevent the message from taking up the entire screen on your customers’ phones. You can shorten a link by using our platform for your SMS based campaigns.

Convey Urgency and Reward Loyalty

Consider using an expiration window instead of a hard deadline. This way, everyone of your target audience has the same number of days to take advantage of your offer, and late subscribers have enough time to take part. If your campaign contacts have gone out of their way to connect with your brand and take the actions you want,why not reward them with discounts and exclusive promotions?

The longer a customer stays on the list, the bigger the discounts they receive, and when other customers see the benefits, membership goes up over time and they’ll also be more likely to stick around. Thus you can build your messaging  base and have a reserved list of clients who would appreciate your campaigns.


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    What You Definitely Shouldn’t Do

    While it sounds like there are a lot of options when it comes to optimizing your SMS marketing campaigns, there are some unspoken don’ts you need to consider just to be on a safe side.

    • Never send messages without a CTA
    • Avoid sending messages outside business hours
    • Keep your character count below 160
    • Never use slangs or abbreviations

    These tips can help you keep your customers informed and engaged with your brand, and they are great to implement for the start-ups, small businesses, or even corporations to improve the response rate.

    You also need to have a very good communication platform provider to optimize your bulk SMS for marketing campaigns. For over a decade, our omnichannel communications platform, BSG has helped brands connect with their target audience with efficient tools that make communication convenient, faster and effective. Get in touch with BSG today for SMS for marketing needs.

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