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21 Holiday-Themed Sms Templates to Revive Abandoned Shopping Carts and Boost Sales

Not every purchase intent pulls through. Customers often back out of the buying process and leave their carts abandoned before completing the purchase. This act is also referred to as an abandoned checkout, and it happens for so many reasons. 

Some reports suggest that the abandonment rates could be higher during holiday season shopping.

Holidays are filled with thrilling and exciting activities, including shopping sprees (like Black Friday and Christmas). Festive sales mean more people are shopping hence the higher probability of cart abandonment.

The truth is cart abandonment mustn’t always be a loss if you’re proactive. In fact, it is a lead that could eventually be converted into sales if the right abandoned cart recovery strategies are implemented.

In essence, cart abandonment recovery is steps or strategies that help limit the rate of unfinished purchases and convince fleeing shoppers to come back and complete their purchase.Experts have suggested various methods for abandoned cart recovery, but one that has proven to be very effective with great results is SMS marketing.

You save money with SMS marketing because it promotes marketing efficiency on a budget. You can achieve more by spending less when you leverage bulk texting. You can check our SMS and bulk texting offerings to see what suits you best.So this coming festive season, you’re not getting ditched by holidaymakers as we’ll be sharing cart abandonment best practices and how you can wield the power of SMS for cart abandonment recovery.

Crazy Good Holiday Abandoned Cart Text Message Examples

Here are 21 awesome holidays abandoned cart templates to give you an idea of how you can create effective abandoned shopping cart templates for your business.

Case 1: Offer Free and Discounted Deliveries. Examples of Free Delivery SMS Messages

Examples of free delivery SMS messages
  1. Hi Victor, in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll be offering free delivery to select shoppers, and we realized you’re eligible. Quickly complete your purchase here (Insert link) and have your items appear before you!

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  1. Hi, (Name); we noticed that you have some gift items in your cart. It’s never too late to gift yourself and loved ones a present for the holidays. On top of that, we are offering a bumper 50% off on deliveries for every purchase completed within the hour. You don’t want o to miss this! (Insert link).
  2.  Hi (Name), We noticed that your cart is still here. We’ll be shipping out all orders completed before 6 pm for free. Checkout your cart now to get free delivery. Happy Hols!

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Case 2: Offer Discounts and Benefits. Examples of Discount SMS Messages

Examples of discount SMS messages
  1.  Hi, (Name) do you feel the holiday cheer yet? The big sale is ongoing. Go checkout now (Insert link) before the holiday highs wear off.

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  1.  Hello (Name), we left your (Product) in your cart. Complete your purchases right now and save up to 25% in our holiday discount sale (insert link)

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  1. Hey Olivia, our festive flash sales are on! Get a 30% discount if you include a flash sale item to your cart and checkout immediately (insert link); No jingles, just treats.

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  1. Hey (Name), we’ve got a little something for you; we noticed that you haven’t finished with your cart, so we decided to throw in a pack of candies for Holidays. Come back and check out with this code HOLICANDY45 to claim the gift. (Insert link).

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  1. Hi (Name), It’s Holidays, and we know you love candy. Get a free pack of (product name) candy when you complete your purchase. Click here before it all gets snapped up. 

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  1. Hey (Name), holiday celebrations are here, and this (Product) you added to your cart is fast being snagged. Come back and check out before it sells out! (insert link).

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  1.  Hi (Name), Searching for the right stocking stuffers to add to your cart? We have a whole Holidays gift section on our app. Click here (insert link) to find the right gifts.

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  1. Hey (Name), where are you? It’s raining discounts at (Brand name)! Come back now and complete your order with this code (discount code), and you may get up to 50% off! (insert link)

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  1.  Hello (Name), Holiday season is back, and we’ve got freakishly great offers, especially for you. Check out your cart and get up to 30% off every item this season! (Insert link)

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  1.  Hey (Name), you seem to be forgetting something. Come back and check out your items and get a pack of (product name) candy for holidays. (Insert link).

Case 3: Create a Sense of Urgency

Sense of urgency
  1. Hey Mark, your cart at (Brand’s name) is being haunted, and your order is about to expire. Come in and save your items now! (insert link)! Happy Holidays!

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  1.  Hi, (Name); you’re about to lose your items. Come and check-out quickly and avoid the stress of picking all over again. (Insert link) Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi Mark, we are offering 15% off on (product name), and we noticed you have it in your cart. Don’t miss out on this BOO-Licious holiday sale. Complete your purchase now! (Insert link)

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  1. Hi Sam, just one last step, and you’ll have your items. Snatch them up while you can because the Holiday rush is real, and you don’t want to miss out! (Insert link)

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Case 4: Offer Assistance

Offer assistance
  1. Hi, Fina; we noticed that you had not completed your purchase. We hope you are not having any challenges with checking out; we’d be happy to help out. Reach our 24/7 customer care here (insert link).

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  1. Hey Smith, we noticed that your cart had been left unattended. If you need any help, we are just a DM away. Click here (Insert link) to send a message.

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Random Abandoned Shopping Cart Examples

Abandoned shopping cart examples
  1. Hey (Name), (product name) is fast selling out, and yours is still in the cart! Go checkout right now. (Insert link).

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  1. Click here to unsubscribeHey (Name), Holidays  are here again, and you left a filled cart in the hallway; come get it before it gets dark and scary! Just one last step click here now (insert link).

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To Conclude

Holidays are always exciting as most people look forward to exchanging gifts, shopping for their favorite items, and having fun. The fastest way you can share at the moment and take advantage of the excitement is by implementing an SMS campaign. And even if you’ve had high numbers of abandoned carts all year, this period should be an exception with this guide.We could go on and on about the benefits of using text messaging, but if you’re ready to start seeing results, get started with an abandoned cart SMS campaign on BSG right away.

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