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30 Things You Are Losing in Business Without Text Marketing and Why

In this new age of technology, it can be hard to keep up with communicating with your customer and this is why brands need to find new channels that make their day-to-day interactions with customers more efficient. For a lot of small to medium-sized businesses, this is the best way to improve their profit. The good news is that there are a lot of different ways you can use texting technology to streamline things in your business.

There are a lot of benefits to using SMS as a marketing tool. Text messaging is sending and receiving text messages from mobile phones, sending them via SMS. It’s much more cost-effective than using snail mail or e-mail. It is useful for businesses of all sizes, whether you have one store or thousands of locations in your franchise. Dentists, hair salons, pastry shops, and restaurants are just a few examples of the types of businesses that could use text messaging effectively to communicate with clients and customers.

What Businesses Lose Without Text Messaging and Why?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of this subject, it’s best you understand the benefits of text messaging and what your business stands to gain and then weigh your options.

So here are 30 things your business is missing out on without text messaging:

  1. SMS is an inexpensive way to interact with your customers. Sending an SMS message is way cheaper than other marketing tools and you can get started with bulk SMS on our platform.
  2. Convenience: SMS allows your customers to opt in and out of your service and this gives you an idea of what your customers want, how many are interested in your campaign and where to focus your marketing efforts while also providing an easy avenue for them to reach your business.
  3. SMS helps you to improve customer engagement as texts are twice as likely to be opened when compared to other marketing tools like email.
  1. It is also very easy to integrate with your other marketing tools.For instance, when a customer visits your website and leaves an item in their cart, you can follow up with a text to give them a discount and remind them that they haven’t made the purchase.
  2. The ability to deploy your marketing promotions quickly and in time as most of the appeal of SMS marketing is in its brevity, both for you and your customer.
  3. SMS is an inexpensive way for your customers to track their orders and shipments and 80% of customers are known to prefer this method.
  4. Personal connection with your customers: SMS offers a personal touch and makes your customers believe they have your attention always
  5. Your customers are more likely to perceive your business in a positive light when you use SMS to connect with them.
  6. You can reach a wide range of customers as there are 7.2 billion cellphone users in the world and you can never run short of customers.
  1. You can strengthen customer loyalty to your brand. If you offer something they value, you are on your way to gaining their trust, because they will recognize that you are only messaging them with content that benefits them. This can lead to them becoming loyal repeat customers and possibly brand ambassadors
  2. SMS is less invasive: Many consumers prefer text messaging because it is less intrusive unlike phone calls and they can open it at their preferred time.
  3. You can provide stellar customer service via automated SMS and two way messaging. You can make them actively participate in making your business better by having them take surveys and random service ratings. That way you get to know how to relate with them better.
  4. Increased sales/patronage: SMS can be a very effective method for increasing sales and patronage by allowing customers who do not normally receive marketing from your company to hear about it.
  5. Versatility: SMS offers a lot of opportunities within that 160-character limit. You can run product support, send updates, welcome new customers and so much more.
  6. Privacy: SMS gives your customers more reasons to trust your business as you can only gather data that is intentionally and directly shared with you and you can use this to improve and personalize their experience.
  7. Low competition: Despite the fact that SMS is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, the space is less crowded when compared to emails because a lot of brands do not take SMS seriously and this can work to your advantage.
  8. Your customers are 50% more likely to make a purchase when they receive a discount code or coupon via SMS.
  9. Mobile-friendliness: Your marketing campaigns can be read on the go and if you have links embedded, the better as more and more customers are using their smartphones for shopping and browsing the internet.
  10. Affinity with customers: Due to how personal SMS can be, your business can attract and convert prospects using SMS. 47% of prospects choose a brand after getting an SMS and this could play well to your advantage.
  11. Campaign visibility and tracking: You can track  your campaign performance and use the insights to understand your audience, their habits, track campaign success and steps to take for future campaigns.
  12. No design or coding experience required to start: When compared to emails where you have to design templates and ensure they work on different email clients, SMS is quite straight to the point and is easy to start.
  13. No Spams: You never have to worry about your message getting lost because there is no spam folder for SMS and this guarantees that your customers will see your SMS.
  14. SMS is very cost-effective when you consider the ROI and the high open rate of SMS which stands at a staggering 98% and this means your message will be seen.
  15. No internet needed: You can reach your customers anywhere, anytime and without worrying about their data plan or validity as SMS are sent via mobile network connection and they can receive them without internet.
  16. High response rate: The response rate on SMS is so high that it takes the average person 90 seconds to reply to a text message.
  17. You can boost your click through rate by 39% when you add branded links or short links your SMS marketing campaigns.
  18. SMS can help you reduce missed appointments and unsubscription levels by at least 26%.
  19. SMS has six times the engagement rate of emails, this means your customers would definitely get back to you.
  20. 6 billion text messages are sent per day so you know you’re not alone or on an uncharted path when you use SMS to reach out to your customers.
  21. SMS plays a fundamental role in ensuring a direct and intimate connection with your customers.

Benefits of Business Text Messaging

SMS marketing is here to stay and with so many practical applications like two-factor authentication and white label bulk SMS, it points to a future where business SMS messaging plays a bigger role in building customer relationships.

  • Customers prefer SMS messaging with businesses because it’s convenient and personal.
  • SMS guarantees high engagement.
  • It preserves the conversation history, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves and you have the context you need to understand their pain points.
Benefits of business text messaging
Benefits of business text messaging

SMS marketing is often overlooked and under-utilized by many businesses as a lot of business owners do not realize how SMS marketing leads can be powerful for lead generation and a well-executed SMS marketing campaign can generate more leads than other marketing channels.Take advantage of SMS marketing for your business and register with BSG today to get the most out of your marketing efforts!

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