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7 Ways to Use Promotional SMS For Small Businesses

At a time when most people would rather get a text than a phone call, SMS marketing via promotional messages is a smart choice. 

For small businesses, testing SMS messaging is a great idea to push that increase in brand awareness, acquire and retain customers and increase your brand’s social credit. 

We’re not entirely surprised that most small business owners are unaware of the power and influence of SMS marketing.

What Are Promotional SMS Messages?

To define in simple words, promotional SMS is when you send unique SMS messages for marketing or advertising purposes to your clients.

You can use promotional SMS to push your products or services in order to trigger client interest and to get your target audience to engage with them in a more direct and efficient way. 

If you want to increase website traffic, customer engagement, or purchase rate, you should consider promotional SMS. 

Over the past year, our mobile habits have changed fairly dramatically, in fact, there has been a huge increase in device usage due to the pandemic. 

So now, more than ever is a great time to take advantage of SMS.

About 50% of users respond to texts at least four times per day — and many respond more than 10 times daily resulting in a valuable marketing opportunity for you and your brand. 

7 Ways to Use Promotional SMS as a Small Business

There are a lot of ways to give your brand that edge. We’ve taken the trouble to streamline our research into seven ways you can use promotional messaging to get ahead as a small business:

  1. Reminders and confirmations

In a bid to help keep your clients happy, the use of text can also reduce no-shows for reserved appointment slots and minimize last-minute cancellations.

  1. Customer support

You can give your clients a more convenient way to receive your attention and open up a new customer support channel using your SMS marketing platform. Thus, when clients are unable to make a call, you can still boost their satisfaction.

  1. Sales promotions: 

Whether you’re taking pre-orders on a new product line, or offering free shipping, you can send discount codes and sales promotions to your subscribers via SMS. Since 90% of people read texts within three minutes, SMS is a great channel for time-sensitive messages. Text messages can convince customers to buy fast.

  1. Brand building

You can use SMS to engage with your customers directly, or entertain them, improving their overall brand experience, and get them to feel the human side of your brand. You can also create custom links for your promotional SMS that would give you brand visibility.

  1. Company updates

Got some news that may impact your customers? Amplify it via SMS to keep your clients in the loop. That way you could also humbly request for their input.

  1. Engage customers with SMS

You can build strong relationships with your customers and also initiate two-way communication for new and existing customers using text message marketing. All while boosting your revenue and keeping operating costs down.

  1. Deliver sneak peeks of upcoming products

You can use promotional SMS with short links to deliver sneak previews of upcoming products or services customers might be interested in or big sales they should look out for thereby building organic excitement.

  1. Send two-factor authentication codes

Sending authentication codes to your customers is also made easy via the two-factor authentication service that we can provide your business via our cloud SMS communications platform.


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    Benefits of Promotional SMS for Your Business

    • High customer engagement is assured

    Text messages have an impressive average open rate of 98%,  making such a message more likely to be read.

    • Customer satisfaction

    When it comes to communicating, texting is a more personal yet casual means. Clients who opt-in are ready to hear from you and more likely to engage.

    • Higher return on investment (ROI)

    SMS is so cost-effective, you can pay as little as $0.0025 per text on our platform depending on the country where it’s sent. You’ll be communicating to people with high intent to buy, and customers who have given you their consent and already know your brand or want to learn about your promos. You can also confirm active phone numbers and search phone carriers to know their costs.

    • SMS messaging can reduce business costs

    SMS is essentially digital information. Because of this, all data can be analyzed quite easily and in detail. Provided you have segmented your communications effectively, for example, promotion texts, service texts, etc., then all of the SMS messages sent to your customers can be stored, tracked, and analyzed. 

    💡 Key takeaways

    • Promotional messages have significantly higher open rates and response rates than email marketing
    • Text messaging is a great medium for sales promotions, event invitations, and business updates
    • Promotional messages can help you maximize your ROI by automating texting and gathering real-time data.

    SMS marketing and businesses go well together, and while a lot of marketing methods may exist, few are as effective as the SMS method.

    Try out your first promotional SMS messaging with the BSG communication platform.

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