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How to Improve Your SMS Mobile Marketing With BSG

Business world is experiencing significant alterations today. E-commerce has opened easy paths to reach out to customers, rapidly escalating niche market penetration. Marketers are realizing that simply acquiring brand-new customers is no more sustainable business growth model. Instead, they resort to solutions aimed to convert current customers into regular purchasers.

Converting a person who buys several times per month requires less effort than for a doubter, but the main precondition for this is personalizing the customer’s experience. It has become a key goal of mobile marketing analysis, along with tracking the campaign’s performance. Selecting a mobile messaging platform for your store or brand, turn your attention to its built-in analytics capabilities ― it should update data in real-time mode, and provide downloadable detailed reports on various KPIs. It should work both from the web-interface, and in conjunction with your customer relation management system. The second option gives you a number of advantages like instantaneous carrier provider lookup, since the BSG API is streaming and eliminates the need to regularly launch such checks.

Here are only a few benefits of the analytic-driven loyalty and retention strategy:

  • possibility to offer people products costing the amount they can afford;
  • improved and prompt product search: suggesting products based on the buyer’s previous behaviour;
  • real time in-store promotions and engagement: offering every customer a unique discount.

How to Monitor SMS Marketing Performance With BSG

With the detailed messaging campaign reports, you can understand whether a text was delivered, what the time lag between sending and arriving was, if the information is displayed correctly on various devices. You also feel secure about the fact that all your contacts are in service and are able to read your message, at the right time. Comprehensive digital marketing performance report deals with the three main groups of indicators.

  1. Specific traffic for each separate channel. When you launch a Viber campaign, as well as when you send bulk SMS online, in both cases you will want to know the quantity of messages delivered per list. However, next, for SMS you need to assess the total and the unique clicks rate, while for Viber ― the open rate, including the share of messages that have been read all through, are crucial. Filters also provide useful insights, e. g. you can detect peaks in messaging activity, potentially annoying for subscribers.
  2. Conversion rates. You need to know how many of your recipients have followed a link, entered a keyword, used a promo-code and made an order, filled in a form, made a call ― i. e. when opening your message converted into the action you expected. With the ShortURL service available at BSG, you obtain precise information about clicks, like the customer’s device model and configuration.The tiny link click-through rate (CTR) clearly indicates if the content you deliver is engaging and relevant to your audience. From this point forward, you’re given a free hand to segment your contacts based on their clicking scenarios. For instance, you can send one text automatically after a subscriber clicks-through a certain message, and send another to those who opened and didn’t interact.
  3. Return of investments. Definitely, the most important indicator necessary to analyse the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign is its profitability. It is the channel’s cost to profit ratio. The financial report dashboard represents all data, including in the form of readable graphs, maps and charts, on when and how your credits were spent on messaging. This information can be sorted by traffic source (to figure out what channels spend the most), country (for international campaigns) and operator, allowing you to see where your most dedicated subscribers come from. Remember that the most practical way to reduce messaging cost is performing HLR international phone lookup which cleans your contacts database from inactive, ported numbers, as well from those in roaming before the campaign is launched.

Precisely targeted, personalized promotion to your existing customer base helps you to make better decisions for your brand. But only a comprehensive marketing analytic tool can leverage the received data for even greater returns and rapid conversions improvement