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BSG Platform
and CS-Cart Integration

Dmitry Gromov
14 June, 2018

Any service that has to do with the payment systems, adding items to the cart or other manipulations related to the online buyers activities with the services and products they pick & pay up, would definitely integrate web applications with CS-Cart to work fast and effectively.

That is why new integration systems in CS-Cart have also been successfully integrated at our SMS marketing platform  and are used for the customers needs. If you wanna do the same, here’s a short instruction of how to do that attached:

Create Your Own CS-Cart Integration

This instruction applies to CS-Cart version 3.0.x

  • Create a script (which is the name of your PayPal account, for example, your_payment_script.php in the payment directories of your CS-Cart payments).
  • Create a template in the subject (skin), selected as the administrative panel for the payment system (for example, skins / [ADMININSTRATOR_ACTIVE_SKIN] /admin/views/payments/components/cc_processors/your_payment_template.tpl).
  • Add records to the cscart_payment_processors in your database. Install your CS-Cart, for example:

REPLACE INTO cscart_payment_processors (processor_id, processor, processor_script,

processor_template, admin_template, callback, type) values (‘1000’, ‘MyPayment’,

‘your_payment_script.php’, ‘your_payment_template.tpl’,

‘your_payment_config_template.tpl’, ‘Y’, ‘P’);


processor_id – id of the payment system (use a value greater than 1000. For example, 1000, 1001, etc. This is necessary for correct updating).
processor – the name of the payment system (for example, MyPayment).
processor_script is the name of the PHP file in the payments directory, which sends data to the payment system server.
processor_template is the name of the template that will be displayed in Total when placing an order in the display case (it should be in the skins / [CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_SKIN] directory / customer / views / orders / components / payments).
admin_template is the name of the template you created in step 2.
callback – shows whether the payment system is background (Y) or active (N).

Background means that your script will transfer data to the server of the payment system without going to it.

Active means that the buyer will be redirected to the site of the payment system for payment after clicking the Checkout button on the Summary page in the CS-Cart window.

Developers of CS-Cart can also add a new payment system for you on a fee basis. If you are interested in this, please contact them through the Customer Help Desk.

Also, if you wanna check how bulk SMS services works with it, sign up for free right away here. And don’t forget test SMS receiving before sending. Happy messaging to you!

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