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Bulk SMS Gateway

Dmitry Gromov
22 March, 2018

Over 10 years SMS gateway service has been extremely popular among businessmen and marketers. No wonder. Mass SMS delivery, used for promotion and item delivery, exclusive marketing campaigns and much more, has become a virtually indispensable tool for every business. Nowadays this is a secret power of numerous startups and even private entities. Why? Let’s figure that out.

SMS Gateway Web Service Pros

What made bulk SMS gateway services turn into the key business & marketing tool? First of all, high efficiency of messaging. According to international statistics:

  • more than 90% of people read the information, received via SMS messages,
  • 3-7% on average is the customer response rate from each SMS, open,
  • the efficiency may reach 50% of total if target messaging, and even more by means of using the data from own client base.

To sum up, every second SMS message will trigger the necessary reaction of the customer and drag his/her attention to your products or services, etc. In addition, only SMS may offer the lowest costs for marketing communications with the target audience. Due to these basic reasons SMS gateway worldwide is now so much widely used by various industries for numerous cases in order to increase their brand awareness, manage marketing or boost sales, etc.

Another competitive advantage of SMS as the key communication tool for your business, is its powerful advertising opportunities. Inbound SMS advertising is a modern way and the main component of mobile marketing, still actively developing and successfully implemented today both in small and big business.

Why to Choose for Your Business?

SMS campaigns, SMS ads, whatever – mass SMS messaging via reliable SMS gateways may be a real fun if you have your own client base, a carefully searched niche and a smart marketing team, because SMS nowadays is one of the most effective tools. Admit that. Mass messaging is an excellent opportunity to maximally adjust the target audience and deliver information as quickly as possible. What’s more – to get a valuable feedback. SMS marketing, SMS promotions, organization of SMS campaigns for your colleagues, customers and partners will help your business to reach a new level.

If you are going to become a leading company on the worldwide SMS-services market for either corporate or private customers, this is the place. Get your business involved. Our company is engaged in the development of telecommunications solutions for business, which allows us to reach new heights of business in a short time and at low costs, outstripping our competitors.

Among our customers there are retailers, online stores, public organizations, educational institutions, advertising companies, restaurants and bars, banks, sports organizations, beauty salons and many others. So, you will definitely fit in.

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