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SMS Marketing for Real Estate: Is It Effective?

The real estate agent does more than just sell a property. They’re about marketing, salesmanship, education, guidance, property tours, and, more importantly, customer care.

Today, most businesses send out emails that customers don’t read. In fact, only 1 in every 5 emails gets any attention. To make things worse, customers will still find 95% of these opened emails irrelevant. But at the same time, agents who use SMS are getting 98% open rates and 29% conversion rates. No marketing channel does better.

The question therefore is, why do real estate agents send out more emails, when they could be texting as well? Is SMS marketing for real estate actually effective? Can SMS be the key to taking your real estate business to the next level in 2022?

Find out in this article.

How Does Real Estate SMS Marketing Work?

SMS content for real estate is a bit different. It provides enormous marketing, branding, and education opportunities for real estate businesses. SMS for real estate marketing simply defines how real estate agencies use text messaging for marketing and communication purposes.

Agencies use SMS to build personal relationships with clients through one-on-one conversations. Given the high SMS open rates, agencies also use bulk messaging to communicate to large audiences with little effort. The agencies can send text messages to share new listings, special offers, announcements, event invitations, etc.

SMS reselling is also worth your attention if you’re struggling with getting feedback, providing customer support, and re-engaging cold clients.

Text message real estate marketing is a growing trend in 2022, as emails simply get lost in a pile of others.

Real Estate Text Marketing: How Does It Work? Is It Effective?

How does text marketing for realtors work? 

Here are a couple of SMS examples for real estate marketing. Feel free to be creative with your SMS campaign.

  1. Educating customers through keywords and shortcodes

One unique feature of real estate text marketing is the shortcode concept, which allows customers and businesses to enter into communication with the help of 5-6 digit “short” codes. 

Agencies will ask customers to type and send certain keywords to specific shortcode phone numbers. In return, the agencies reply to the texts with information about specific real estate properties, deals, or special offers.

The shortcodes are easy for customers to memorize and type, which is a huge benefit for businesses because more customers can get involved in the campaigns.

All they have to do is place these shortcodes and special keywords on their banners, flyers, websites, emails, or wherever they normally interact with customers. They’re making it easy for customers to get information about their business.

Educating customers through-keywords
  1. Re-engaging inactive customers

Realtors do not have to deal with Cart abandonments, but they’re still challenged  by customers who’ve gone cold. With the right SMS format for real estate marketing, agencies can reach out to cold customers to try and get them into purchasing décisions.

Texts are the perfect way to reach cold customers because they’ll get read at least 9 out of 10 times.

Plus, SMS brings a real personal touch. What better way to re-engage an inactive customer, if not by making them feel special and valued? You could send a personalized text message like this:

  1. Alerts on new Deals/Listings

Customers want to know when new houses land on the market. How do you keep your clients up to date with new property listings? You can use bulk text messaging to let multiple clients know about the latest properties available for deals, especially depending on their tastes.

Considering the importance of timing in the real estate business, bulk SMS for real estate ensures that customers are informed about new property listings early enough. 82% of your customers will open up your text messages within 90 seconds after they arrive.

  1. Giving customers a juicy avant-gout

“Avant-gout” is French for “pre-taste” or “early peek.” Every customer wants to take an early peek through the window into the properties they’re willing to buy. Save them stress by letting them view those houses on their phones.

With bulk MMS, you can send real estate messages to clients with images of some of the properties they show interest in. A good SMS provider like BSG can guarantee quality MMS delivery in no time. Customers can peek into the properties as much as they want before they make their decisions. 

Keywords and shortcodes can again come in handy here, helping you determine what properties to send to particular clients.

Giving customers a juicy avant-gout
  1. Promote your events and announcements

Bulk SMS could be your #1 communication channel. However, you should only send texts on rare occasions in order to keep your client’s inbox less crowded. The email inboxes are too crowded already.

Every real estate agency organizes events such as open houses quite often. Use bulk SMS to massively promote your events to interested customers. It’s cost-effective, especially when you’re sending texts in bulk. You’re also certain that customers will receive the information in time.

You probably already have a bulk email sending service. Now you only have to check that they allow bulk SMS as well, so you can manage all your campaigns in one place. In case they don’t, BSG is a great multichannel bulk messaging service you should try.

Before we end this resume of use cases for SMS marketing for real estate investors, here’s one more thing. With the help of a two-factor authentication web service like BSG World, SMS shortcodes could also be used for two-way authentication on your real estate website.


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    Ready-To-Use Templates for Real Estate to Launch an SMS Campaign

    Struggling with ideas for your real estate marketing messages? Find a couple of ready-made templates for different SMS use cases here.

    1. Template for Discounts

    “Similar properties in your area are listed between $400K-$420K. That’s 10% off the original prices, a huge discount you can seize. To see our suggested pricing guide, visit bsg.com/yoururl.”

    1. New listings template

    “Hello Julien, just to inform you that there are 6 open houses this weekend in the Brookwood HS district. Visit bsg.com/yoururl for a full listing.”

    1. Template for notice/announcement

    “Hello Bryan, there’s a new listing for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath place in Carmel, Indiana. Just around the last property, we saw together. Let me know if you’d want to set up a view, with a call or reply.”

    1. Sneak peek template

    “Thank you very much for your interest in 555 main street. Here are a few images of the interior of the property. Call or reply with any questions you might have. Adam, realtor.”

    1. Re-engage inactive customers template

    “Hello Marlon, it’s been a while since we talked. Are you still interested in the house down beach? Please call or reply with any worries you might have. Hoping to hear from you. James, realtor.”

    1. Event invitation template

    “Hi Mark, we’re hosting an opening today for a house I think you’d be interested in. It’s at 555 main street. 4 pm — 5 pm this Saturday. Hope to see you there. Joel, Realtor.”

    1. Template for meeting reminder

    “Hello Andrew. Just a friendly reminder that we’re showing your house to buyers this evening at 9 pm. Would you please keep the cigars out of reach if you don’t mind? Buyers are health advocates. Looking forward to seeing you! Joel, realtor.”

    1. Template for shortcode – keyword use case

    Thanks for your interest in Raleigh, NC homes. We’ll get back to you in two business days with the top 5 options that match your search criteria.”

    What’s Next? 

    Planning for your next SMS campaign? You need the right text messaging service with efficiency and experience up its sleeve to help you execute and manage your campaigns. 

    BSG is the text messaging service that guarantees successful SMS campaigns by assuring smooth and effective conversations between you and your customers. Personalization is key to any SMS campaign, and so BSG makes it easy for you to personalize your bulk text messages, so your customers feel warm and loved. 

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    All it takes is sign up, and you’re ready to start texting!

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