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How SMS Texting Can Help Businesses in Reopening after COVID-19?

Businesses in different countries and cities are going through the coronavirus pandemic variously. Across all fields, some companies are underway to resume their activities, while others are not yet. But no matter where you are and how you plan to welcome your customers back, it’s better to prepare to fully reopen sooner than later. In this context, we want to show you how simple short text messages can streamline and support this process, and offer some useful reopening SMS templates to send before and in the course of re-opening.

Benefits of Using SMS Campaigns After the Lockdown

If you were closed due to COVID-19, it is heartening to hear that you are permitted to reopen. Don’t you need to announce that to your customers?! The fast and reliable way to do that is SMS. With an open rate reaching 98%, text messages for reopening after lockdown will help you address every one of your opted-in audience. To send a personalized bulk SMS, you create a template leaving room for custom fields, select a contact list, and press send to dispatch your campaign. Your SMS software for business will insert recipients’ personal data into each outgoing text.

In addition to outstanding open and view rates, there are many other advantages to take from SMS when you’re looking to resume your business.

  • SMS is commonly associated with individual, person-to-person conversation. It is the most efficient for time-sensitive information such as those about grand re-opening, particularly for people who do not have around-the-clock Internet access (however they spend a rare day without a phone). And character limitation encourages addressing the recipient concisely and clearly.
  • You can incorporate call-to-action into your messages to boost lead engagement. People really like receiving one or two text offers per month, including delivery updates, alerts, reminders, and notifications. CTA can be a link, a short code, or a keyword leading people to interact with your business. It is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies to build strong communication.
  • Proven digital marketing automation tool includes mobile phone provider lookup feature for superior deliverability rate of your campaigns. Messages are sent only to the contacts which have been verified as active and not in roaming, which protects the sender against frustrating expenses.
  • Texting in business integrates into an overall marketing strategy seamlessly to give the most out of investments you have. Mobile messaging for business allows targeting potential leads and promoting across other marketing channels such as social media and telemarketing. For instance, you can give exclusive discounts or behind-the-scenes to people who subscribe to your texts by posting them on your company’s Facebook account ― FB users who view this post can follow the steps to take their rewards. In the long run, you can monitor traffic, delivery rates, understand your audience and track significant ROI.