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Getting back to business after COVID-19 with SMS campaigns

Olena Kozhevnikova
03 June, 2021

Businesses in different countries and cities are going through the coronavirus pandemic variously. Across all fields, some companies are underway to resume their activities, while others are not yet. But no matter where you are and how you plan to welcome your customers back, it’s better to prepare to fully reopen sooner than later. In this context, we want to show you how simple short text messages can streamline and support this process, and offer some useful reopening SMS templates to send before and in the course of re-opening.

Benefits of using SMS campaigns after the lockdown

If you were closed due to COVID-19, it is heartening to hear that you are permitted to reopen. Don’t you need to announce that to your customers?! The fast and reliable way to do that is SMS. With an open rate reaching 98%, text messages for reopening after lockdown will help you address every one of your opted-in audience. To send a personalized bulk SMS, you create a template leaving room for custom fields, select a contact list, and press send to dispatch your campaign. Your SMS software for business will insert recipients’ personal data into each outgoing text.

In addition to outstanding open and view rates, there are many other advantages to take from SMS when you’re looking to resume your business.

  • SMS is commonly associated with individual, person-to-person conversation. It is the most efficient for time-sensitive information such as those about grand re-opening, particularly for people who do not have around-the-clock Internet access (however they spend a rare day without a phone). And character limitation encourages addressing the recipient concisely and clearly.
  • You can incorporate call-to-action into your messages to boost lead engagement. People really like receiving one or two text offers per month, including delivery updates, alerts, reminders, and notifications. CTA can be a link, a short code, or a keyword leading people to interact with your business. It is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies to build strong communication.
  • Proven digital marketing automation tool includes mobile phone provider lookup feature for superior deliverability rate of your campaigns. Messages are sent only to the contacts which have been verified as active and not in roaming, which protects the sender against frustrating expenses.
  • Texting in business integrates into an overall marketing strategy seamlessly to give the most out of investments you have. Mobile messaging for business allows targeting potential leads and promoting across other marketing channels such as social media and telemarketing. For instance, you can give exclusive discounts or behind-the-scenes to people who subscribe to your texts by posting them on your company’s Facebook account ― FB users who view this post can follow the steps to take their rewards. In the long run, you can monitor traffic, delivery rates, understand your audience and track significant ROI.
How to use SMS marketing for businesses affected by COVID-19

10 Best SMS templates for businesses reopening after COVID-19

Whether you’re seeking to advertise a back-to-business offer or maintain the volume of returning clients, SMS really delivers to those objectives, engaging with people through their personal devices. Uncertain about what to send or whom to? We hope that the SMS samples for reopening given below inspire you in letting your customers know that you are finally waiting for them back. Сhange them so that they could speak to your target audience.

Reopening announcement

Your brick-and-mortar shop with all COVID safety arrangements in place is ready for buyers! Let them know you’re open with cordial SMS for businesses grand re-opening making a point about your new safety rules.


Appointment reminder

As specialized services providers begin to open their offices, they can invite their clients back to individual selective meetings. Let customers know about your new in-person proposition (and that they can still have it online if they choose) with appointment SMS reminders for post-covid in a brief and substantial manner.

Offering a big discount

A simple discount code or a mobile voucher sent to your contact base just before reopening will surely increase footfall to your retail store. Remind of yourself and give a little thank you to those who’ve been supporting your business in the lockdown period. You can specify the offer’s start and end dates and provide the shortened URL where they can find a store near them.

Launching a sale

Your customers may need an extra nudge to get them to purchase after the pandemic, and this is where SMS reopening promotions come in. If you’re looking to push off surplus stocks, then a BOGO offer or free compliment (of the extra stock) are good ways to go. If the objective is increasing cart or ticket sizes, then you’ll want to use “spend and get” or  “spend and save”  promotions (e.g., “Spend $50 and get a present).

Messages announcing your new booking methods

Changing COVID-19 restrictions urge businesses and clients to follow new guidelines for booking and entering food and drink venues. Places of culture are preparing to reopen to the public; hotels are looking forward to meeting their guests. The best practice for getting direct bookings is to allow clients to book online via a platform, via phone, or email ― however, they prefer. When you take bookings by means of text messaging for business, you can manage the influxes of missed appointments and sessions, new requests, or the backlog.

Working hours and schedule

Since coronavirus restrictions are being removed gradually, your working hours might also vary from day to day. So, ahead of getting back to business, you need to send a particular post-coronavirus reopening SMS to your customers, about your work schedule, as well as limitations on the number of indoor visitors. This is not only about safety ― long hours with short rest can lead to stress in the employees, in such a transition period. Cleaning and replenishing stock also take their time.

Take-aways or indoor dinner (for restaurants)

Your eatery has probably been open for take-out for some time. Now you can offer what everyone has been craving — outdoor and perhaps even indoor dining. With a fast and reliable mass texting service for business, get the word out about this wonderful news in an instant engaging SMS, invite people to check out your menu or your new viands.

For educational institutions

Students are keen to return to campus facilities. Use SMS messages for reopening to ensure they are aware of new rules and provisions while you are selectively opening the spaces for use. You can also inform them about the reduced class sizes and manage their staged return to study sessions.

For beauty and spa salons

Your clients have been desperately waiting for their favorite pampering, and now you can make it up for them. Send reopening SMS messages for customers to let them know that they finally can reserve their appointments. It will be easier to manage and schedule the incoming traffic of appointment requests through SMS for businesses than through phone calls!

For fitness centers

Fitness companies are among the most severely affected by pandemic-caused changes, and commonly had to close. Now that you’re getting back to business, your workout team members will be delighted to dive back into their exercise routines. Foster them to pump iron safely using text messaging service for business, sending bulk SMS highlighting the new rules.

Keep post-COVID health and safety measures in mind

Keep health and safety points on top of daily huddles: constantly remind your team and indoor visitors about the priority of hygiene and social distancing. Put signages in the employees’ break rooms and restrooms. Also, set up the signages at the entrances of the premises reminding people to go home in case they are feeling sick. Informing customers by SMS after lockdown and updating them with the changes to your policies will keep you compliant with changing regulations. For the same purposes, use in-store audio messages.

Of course, both employees and customers should wear masks and gloves. Hand sanitizers and wipes must be available at the entrance and on the cash desks. High-touch areas should be frequently cleaned. Limiting the number of people who can enter is also still relevant, as well as limiting access to fitting rooms. And remember to ensure sufficient ventilation.

Wrapping up

SMS for businesses affected by COVID-19 can drive awareness and traffic.

Cut your way through the noise of social networks, email, and other more glutted channels with digital marketing automation platforms such as BSG, creating and sending universally accessible real-time personalized communications. Targeted text announcements for reopening businesses will resonate more with customers.  Inform them about what you’re firing on all cylinders with a bulk SMS, and make them aware of new price lists, opening hours, reduced menus, and certainly, COVID safety arrangements.

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