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How To Make Money with SMS Marketing

Today, more and more entrepreneurs use SMS marketing to develop their own businesses, the demand for SMS advertising is constantly growing and you can now start earning from it. Today, we’ll show you how to make money from SMS marketing with some simple strategies.

Get money through SMS

Why is SMS Marketing Considered One of the Best Communication Channels?

Text messages are sent over a cellular network by default and that means message deliverability is much more reliable when compared to other internet-dependent channels (e.g., email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger).

It doesn’t matter if your customers’ cellphones are switched off or out of range, your text will be delivered as soon as they switch back on or a signal becomes available. But this isn’t the only reason why SMS is considered one of the best communication channels. SMS messaging is:

  • Direct – A lot of people have their devices within reach, so a text is delivered straight into their hands and they don’t need to download an app to access and read your message.
  • Easy to read – SMS is very short by nature – you have to get your message across in 160 characters or less, which is actually more helpful for the customer as they get bite-sized content they can consume in seconds.
  • Cheap – compared to other channels, SMS is cost-effective, especially when sending a high volume of messages, it usually becomes cheaper. Other marketing mediums are more expensive and do not have SMS’ open rates.
  • Far-reaching – More than 7 billion people worldwide own a cellphone capable of sending and receiving text messages, making SMS a globally adopted communication channel, and once you check if the phone is active before sending SMS, you’ll know whether or not to add a customer to your list. 

What Is SMS Marketing Automation?

SMS automation can be referred to as how brands send promotional or transactional messages and updates via SMS through an automated process. You can automatically send messages to a group of people and unlike traditional SMS campaigns that have you manually send texts, automated SMS delivers personalized and timely messages to your subscribers without you needing to do anything after setting it up.

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How Do Brands Generate Revenue using SMS Marketing Automation?

You can use automated SMS marketing to generate revenue using these kinds of SMS:

  1. Cart Abandonment reminders

In order to get parents to continue shopping on their website, The Children’s Palace uses SMS automation to trigger reminders about abandoned carts that their shoppers have left behind. This is done within 24 hours of cart abandonment and it is one sure way to drive revenue up.

  1. Special events

Big brands like Domino’s understand that when you remember a customer’s birthday, you make them feel more special and there’s nothing more special than giving a customer a discount or promo on special occasions that mean something to the customer. With automation, you can set this up to run automatically and it will be delivered at the right time.

  1. Surveys

Listening to your customers has always been a valuable way to know if they’re satisfied with your brand. With 2-way SMS, you can send them surveys and get replies in real-time and apply it to your future marketing campaigns.

  1. Appointment reminders

You can reduce your no-show rate with automated marketing. This could save you a lot of money and increase revenue by ensuring your customers get reminded of commitments they made to your business.

  1. Deliver welcome texts

Setting up automated text messages to welcome customers who opt-in to get messages from you is a great way to build customer loyalty. You can always add a discount code or offer them free delivery on their first order to spur them.

Demand for SMS automation is constantly growing, and this trend will only be developing in the future. Now that you know how to use it to your own advantage, you might also consider joining our SMS reseller program.

SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate More Sales

Choosing your SMS marketing strategy can be overwhelming with so many ideas to pick from, but fear not, we’ve gone ahead to compile a list of ideas to generate more sales when sending text messages.

  1. Send them tips to build trust

Getting pointers and tips from brands is often the tiebreaker for customers when choosing a brand to stay loyal to. You have to constantly remind your customers that you care and you are actively providing solutions for them. iFitness understands this and regularly sends their customers exercise and diet tips to keep them in shape especially when they notice they’ve been absent from the gym for more than a week.

  1. Utilize interactive content to captivate them

Interactive content is highly effective and stimulates the brain. Content like quizzes, videos, gifs, and interactive graphics encourage users to engage with your message and it is highly effective in educating and capturing shoppers. Netflix launched an interactive family tree for the German hit series Dark and embedded the link in an SMS message for fans who enjoyed the series but were still confused about how inter-related the four main families in the series were.

  1. Leverage the Power of Instant Feedback

With 2-way SMS, you can now have a dialogue with your customers to get responses on how they feel about your products or services. You can ask for product suggestions and ideas to improve their overall experience.

  1. Personalize your messages

Personalization is the “in” thing now. Customers like to feel special and recognized by the brands they patronize. It makes them feel like they own a piece of the brand with you. With SMS marketing you can send personalized messages and even birthday wishes. Research has shown that people tend to respond better to messages that address them directly. So, make sure to include the name of your customers preferably their first names.

  1. Keep your content short and concise

The biggest mistake you’ll want to avoid is boring your customers or not passing your message within 3-5 seconds after they tap your message. SMS might be limited to 160 characters but you can get creative by using short links that only take a few characters once you put in your CTA.

How Can You Make Money with our SMS Reseller Program?

As more businesses aim to capture customers on the move, SMS is fast becoming an essential part of multi-channel marketing.  You can now earn money on SMS and also bridge the gap between businesses and their customers and even your customers too by participating in our partner program for SMS messaging and using our full arsenal of other SMS solutions. Thus, you get an opportunity to attract your customers and earn on bulk text messaging.

As a reseller, you can make money with text messaging by determining your own selling price.

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What Do You Need to Start the Business?

All you need to do is register on our website. After the registration, you will get content that explains how everything works and then you book a demo to test the platform features. 

The platform comes with all the benefits of a web account and you can test features like Viber mass sending, bulk SMS, and even mass sending via messengers. All this can be done at home on your PC. You can directly choose services that solve your end users’ problems or sell those services.

Once you buy some SMS units or credits and perfect your SMS business model,  you can customize your reselling platform to your own taste and convenience.

Here are some services you can resell once you join our reseller program

  1.  Bulk SMS

A lot of companies, religious institutions, schools, and even individuals need to pass across a message at certain intervals and positioning yourself as a reseller could bring in a lot of profit for you in no time. You get to set the price and even get more customers through referrals.

  1. 2-way SMS

As we are now in the era of interactive communication with customers, you can resell 2-way SMS to companies as a way to reach their customers and get feedback in real time.

  1. Number Verifier

In addition to selling bulk SMS, you can also provide number verification services to your clients as a way to check if the phone numbers of their recipients are still active.

People are attached to their phones more than ever and this guarantees that you will generate a lot of ROI from reselling SMS.

With the BSG platform, you can get started today reselling SMS and watch your revenue skyrocket. We have round-the-clock support to ensure that you have everything you need to run a successful venture.

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