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How to Send Bulk SMS.
Promotional Messaging

Dmitry Gromov
20 March, 2018

This is the most basic question that all the marketers ask when thinking of how to send bulk SMSand use bulk SMS messaging to the fullest. In the case you are looking for the top decisions of how to better apply your SMS marketing for boosting sales or marketing surveys, etc. this is it.

SMS Is Exclusive

One of the top advantages of any SMS messaging tool that partially answers to how can i send bulk SMS? is the targeting of the message. With the help of modern technologies, the distribution of text may contain the name of the recipient or the name of the company. Due to this, the information is better perceived, because it is addressed to a specific person, but not to a wide audience.

According to the statistical data on how to send bulk SMS online, almost every SMS message received is read by the subscriber. It is equally important that such mass messaging is one of the most low-cost options for communicating with both existing and potential customers, since the costs for one SMS is literally equal to a couple of pennies.

In addition, when sending messages there is no danger of “non-delivery”: even in the absence of communication or cell phone hibernation, promo texts will be received as soon as the signal appears, etc.

Finally, we can not fail to note the simplicity and convenience of managing SMS marketing directly. In recent years, how to send bulk sms through Internet is common and

sending and receiving SMS has evolved from the way of personal correspondence into an excellent type of communication between entrepreneurs and their customers. Its competent use allows not only to cater important information, but also to increase the popularity of a brand, product or services.

It is worth noting that the speed of response to the advertising campaign for SMS-messaging from the audience is higher than in the case of launching advertising on television or over the radio, not to mention the printed media. According to statistics, about 10% of subscribers apply to the company on the day they receive the message. It speaks volumes in favor of bulk SMS through Internet.

How Do I Send Promotional SMS to My Customers?

  • Register at our platform. After the registration, personal account with the SMS control panel will become available to you.
  • Add contacts of your partners/ customers and the telephone numbers you will initiate mass SMS messaging to.
  • Configure SMS settings. Compose the message text, select the time of send and the contacts of the SMS recipient, etc.

Due to the Mass SMS Messaging with BSG:

  • You inform all your customers in one click.
  • You are aware of how to purchase bulk SMS asap.
  • Use simple and convenient web-interface for working with the client base.
  • Get the opportunity to send SMS on behalf of the company.
  • Delivery of SMS to the client is guaranteed (under condition the subscriber is within the operator’s network).
  • No monthly fees, you pay only for sent SMS.
  • You increase the conversion and sales level for your business and more.

How to Bulk SMS

So, when everything’s ready for starting messaging, learn you may do it with several approaches, each having its own peculiarities.

In the first case, you can independently send SMS via the Internet. Usually this is done via a web interface or a special mailing service (platform), access to which is possible from any device connected to the network, and the entire process is not complicated, similar to working with E-mail messaging.

In the second case, you may send SMS notifications almost immediately after registering on the platform.

All the messaging forms are filled in at the personal cabinet page, the balance is replenished easily and within seconds after sending SMS, your clients will start receiving targeted messages. The system is characterized by high reliability, simplicity and convenience. In addition, to optimize SMS, there are no special programs that need to be installed on your computer, which saves your time and nerves.

In the case you do not get anything, you are welcome to contact support and ask for the operator’s help, who quickly and qualitatively performs all the necessary work. The obvious plus of this method is that operators better know all the pitfalls of the legislation and will not allow random errors and much more. As a result you’re attracting customer loyalty and boost sales. So, also learn how to buy bulk SMS asap, how to get bulk SMS gateway at best prices and succeed!


Welcome on board to send bulk SMS online!

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