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How to Use SMS Gateway

SMS gateway allows you to automatically send SMS-messages from other programs, sites and services using special software protocols (API). If you look up at BSG SMS service, you will realize how to use SMS gateway for boosting sales or launching marketing campaigns and so much more.

If you already use SMS service for bulk messaging, to better integrate with our SMS-gateway, the following protocols are supported:

  • SMPP v3.4;
  • HTTP and HTTPS;
  • SMTP and E-mail2sms forwarding;
  • SOAP;
  • OMS protocol (MS Outlook and MS SharePoint).


There are numerous advantages of using SMS gateway for your business. Through our SMS-gateway you are able to send both mass messaging and single SMS-notifications as per your individual or business demands with the following features:

  • SMS-messaging to mobile operator networks around the world;
  • delivery of messages to city numbers of mobile phones;
  • messaging on the big lists of numbers (to 1 million numbers in one request);
  • the ability to send unique messages to each subscriber in one request;
  • automatic distribution as per pre-loaded groups;
  • long messaging support (up to 800 characters);
  • binary messages (EMS, WAP-push, etc.);
  • receiving statuses on the messages delivered in real time;
  • black lists of numbers to prohibit SMS-messaging to certain subscribers or certain message themes.

Prioritizing SMS Traffic

The top SMS services traditionally use an automatic system to determine the priority of traffic. All mass messages are sent with a lower priority than single SMS messages. Due to this separation, single messages are sent without delay, without waiting for the completion of sending mass messaging of any customers. At the same time mass messages are sent quickly enough too, as the channels are kept not fully loaded and when increasing the load of channels new connections from the operators are requested.

BSG SMS Gateway

Thus, our service is well suited both for sending urgent notifications, and for bulk SMS messaging campaigns. Both overloads and delays in SMS delivery are very rare and are rather caused by rare overloads of the operators rather than by something else. Their channels in such cases may be temporarily disconnected.

Through a single connection to our service you will be able to send SMS messages of different types: both single notifications and mass messaging, mixing sending of SMS and Viber messages in any way and sending groups one by one, etc.
Our system will automatically detect unique single notifications and repeating messages of mass SMS in the total flow of all SMS-messages of the client, assign priorities to all messages depending on mass messaging, and send single and small group mailings in the first place as quickly as possible.

Therefore, you will not need to complicate your programs and organize several message queues for different types of traffic, you will be able to send all SMS messages through a single stream, while your subscribers will receive important messages on time in completely different areas.


To get a connection to the SMS gateway, you need to register with our service, which is completely free and replenish your account in any convenient way.