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Incredible SMS Statistics You May Not Hear About

The latest stats confirms that SMS marketing is especially booming. The truth is that SMS informing is known to be one of the speediest developing dromotion channels direct in the UK and all over the other European countries.

No wonder, with the possibility to achieve a huge number of individuals every day, as per a recently distributed report, SMS uncovers some intriguing details on how promoting by instant messages is accessible to an immense group of onlookers and is viewed as more solid than advertising by email or social media.


Here’s some more incredible and useful SMS stats:

  • 93% of the world population now own a mobile phone, thus, having a stable access to SMS.
  • At the end of 2016, there were 79.14 million active mobile devices in the UK onlhy, using SMS.
  • In Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, this figure is about 35-40 SMS per month.
  • Subscribers in Spain send about 50 messages a month.
  • The report says that informing is the most well-known element on cell phones. 89% of clients assert they utilize SMS.
  • 7 million interactions happen every minute on Viber bulk sender.
  • That’s 7 million more than Facebook’s Audience, which is expected to increase to 48.65 million by 2020 – making text messaging the fastest growing marketing channel.
  • The cost of sending mass SMS messages is very low. You can send texts to reach 25 potential customers for as little as a £1.
  • According to CTIA, more than 28.8 billion. text messages are sent every month
  • The Philippines are known as SMS-capital of the world. Each subscriber sends out about 10 SMS per day, while the share of the subscriber in the UK accounts for no more than 3 SMS per day.
  • SMS is popular in India, where many companies use them to promote their services, information support for various events, etc. With the help of SMS you can order air tickets or use banking services, etc.
  • In the US, SMS messages are not so attractive to subscribers. Despite the fact that their cost is low, only 13 messages are sent by the average subscriber within a month.
  • According to the statistics of the Mobile Marketing Association and Pew Internet &, 40% of the owners of cellular phones of participants in the American Life Project use the text. Age distribution: 13-24 years: 80% text, 18-27 years 63% text, 28-39 years: 31% text, 40-49 years: 18% text.

Other Incredible Facts

There are certain SMS facts that are closely connected to the user behavior, apart from those that we already know.

The first case of using a short number for mass SMS messaging is dated June 2002. The Canadian marketing company Labatt Brewing provided its customers with the function of calls and SMS for short numbers. Soon this technology was picked up by other agencies.

There are gender differences in SMS text perception. Men communicate via SMS more often than women. They are more inclined to write, and therefore read, shorter messages. Therefore, the next time you create a message list, consider whether you need to insert epithets and complex speech figures, if a significant part of your database is males.

SMS is characterized by a high conversion speed. 90% of the delivered messages are read within the first 5 minutes, 30% of them – within 30 seconds. Receiving a response from the subscriber (for example, during SMS survey) can take a little over an hour.

85% of subscribers who are subscribed to the company’s SMS-messaging are convinced that they benefit from this.

The most users surveyed prefer to receive operative and urgent information in the form of SMS messages. After all, the time interval from the SMS creation to reading doesn’t exceed 5 minutes.

Discount coupons in text messages are 10 times more likely to be used by the customers than printed coupons or gift codes from the email letters. This is also explained by convenience and trust in this communication channel, its mobility and availability 24/7.

Some more SMS facts about modern users’ behavior and their preferences? Feel free to share in comments below.
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