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10 ways to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns
6 minutes to read 10 tips & best practices to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns
While marketing in messengers is quite effective, SMS marketing campaigns can help you keep your...
How Does the SMS API Work and What Are the Benefits
6 minutes to read SMS API: how does it work and what are the benefits?
Nurturing your brand on the web and on mobile heavily relies on your ability to...
Ways to improve customer service with bulk sms
4 minutes to read How can you use SMS to improve customer service? 7 practical tips and strategies
The key to building and sustaining a successful business is good customer service. It’s an...
Bulk SMS Marketing The Complete Guide to Successfully Launch Your First SMS Texting Campaign
8 minutes to read Bulk SMS Marketing: The Complete Guide to Successfully Launch Your First SMS Texting Campaign
The first text message was sent in 1992. At that time, there was no suggestion...
7 minutes to read Top 5 reasons for eСommerce stores to send SMS texts
Why Should Ecommerce Stores use SMS marketing? Did you know that up to 5 billion...
Why you can’t do omnichannel marketing without SMS
8 minutes to read Why you can’t do omnichannel marketing without SMS
One of the greatest challenges for every business is developing a killer marketing strategy. But,...
How to build an SMS database the right way
6 minutes to read 5 Ways To Build Your SMS Database Using Text Message Marketing
SMS marketing cuts right through customers’ daily lives, and with a 98% open rate compared...
Marketer’s Guide to Viber Messaging
8 minutes to read Marketer’s Guide to Viber Messaging: Why is It Better than SMS?
If you decide to read this article, you are probably considering adopting Viber as another...
12 minutes to read What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and How Does It Work?
The theft and use of personal data have become an absolute disaster. Hackers use the...

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