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Secure SMS Gateway

SMS messaging service will allow you to send notifications from your site to the phone of your managers, partners or customers. The most popular SMS messaging service is used by the E-commerce project or companies providing services.

Using our SMS messaging gateway, you can inform your customers about promotional offers, the statuses of their orders, send reminders and other notifications. Your personnel can be notified about the new order arrival, order callbacks or any other notifications, requiring quick response, etc.

For those who use our SMS gate for notifications or bulk SMS messaging, it is possible to register an Alpha-name. It is displayed as a sender, which means that the name of your company or service will be displayed instead of the usual phone number which looks rather deterring.

Secure SMS Gateway Benefits

When you are looking for reliable network SMS gateway to use for mass sending, it is essential to use the service that can provide:

  • Shared account for all services.
  • No need to register a separate account, it is already included in the client control panel and is a part of a single platform.
  • Integration of API with a site engine.
  • Possibility to integrate the service with your site using HTTP or SOAP protocols.
  • Individual alpha-name.
  • The alphanumeric name which is 11 characters in the sender’s SMS line, indicating the name of your company or brand. You can apply for an alpha registration from your private account.
  • Round the clock support, etc.

Why Us?

So, in order to integrate messaging of SMS to any of your software, whether it’s your own site, 1C, CRM system or any other software. After connecting, SMS messages will be sent automatically, which will save time and help optimize your business, and, thus, boost sales or simply improve the marketing team work and much more. In the case you face some problems, keep in mind that

  • Our support service works in a 24/7 mode and will be able to help you with any issue.
  • Secure messaging.
  • You can specify the IP-addresses from which you will send SMS, if you want to limit the access.

Feel free to sign up and start your safe messaging right away.