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How to Save Money With Short Links in SMS Marketing

It is impossible to always stay in the limelight, take a leading position in the market and increase your income without quickly informing customers and contacting the target audience.
It is not necessary to spend ten-digit budget figures for this purpose. Today we’ll tell you how to develop a brand, at the same time make money on SMS advertising.

Why SMS Messaging Is an Effective Tool for Business

  1. A quick way to get in touch. The phone is always there, while to see the email notification, you have to sign into your inbox. And Internet access to view correspondence in instant messengers is also not always available.
  2. High open rate. According to stats, a person checks their phone 70-150 times a day. If a message arrives, it is displayed even on the locked screen and beeps. And the information remains at hand.
  3. Memorization percentage. If we receive data verbally, the brain remembers 10%, meanwhile, with reading, this figure rises to 60%.
  4. Customer loyalty. Delivery reminder notifications, booking confirmations, holiday greetings, and discounts produce favorable action. The service level remarkably grows, and the person will definitely return to where the service and product are better than those of a competitor.

Now let’s figure out what the messaging system does and how SMS marketing works.

SMS messaging for business includes four stages:

  • Collecting a subscriber base

You will have to go through the first step by yourself before choosing a service. We strongly advise you not to buy the premade lists. It is illegal and punishable by law, and it’s impossible to get a loyal customer this way.

Collect phone numbers on your website, e. g., at the checkout or by signing up for a newsletter. Thus you do not break the law, but receive your prospect’s phone number.

  • Checking the number activity and validity

Checking the phone number for relevance will weed out non-existent contacts. A person could change the number, make a mistake in filling out the form (intentionally or accidentally), or lose the phone. It is better to erase these numbers before you start the campaign, and not to drain the budget into a hole.

  1. Segmentation by gender, age, geography, preferences, etc.

It is better to send relevant offers to the interest groups. It is irrational to offer women’s shoes to a single man.

  • Messaging launch

Then you have a little left to do. Choose an SMS service, create or use a ready-made template, write the text and add short links to SMS to save space for copy.

Short Url clicks analytics
Clicks results by region

Save Money and Characters With a URL Shortener Service

Our managers often receive the following questions: “Is it possible to use shortened links in mailings?”, “How to make a cheap SMS campaign?”, “How to shorten URLs?”, and “Is it worth messaging to customers anyway?” Our answer is affirmative. And here’s why:

  • Target audience’s trust. Messaging services will help you convey the desired message, but there will be no information about the company in the SMS itself. Shortening of URL enables one to go to the official website, get familiar with your business and understand that the text comes not from a scammer.
  • Character count reduction. In one message, you can send up to 160 Latin or up to 70 Cyrillic characters. A long link will take up half, or even the entire message at once. On the contrary, with short URLs, you can reduce the cost of sending SMS to customers by putting all the information in one notification.
  • Additional income. Sending SMS to regular customers, shortening URLs in order to upsell, or just showing the entire product range and conditions of the promotion or sale. Offer a person several options for a bargain already on the website, and they will choose what “hooks” them most.
  • Campaign analysis. A branded URL shortener is convenient because you can see all the statistics and calculate the conversion. What, if not a report with numbers, will tell about the success or wasted money for branding? The answer is obvious.

And this is a small part of how to save on SMS mailing. Keep reading to find out why it’s essential to shorten and track your links and how to make SMS marketing for business even better.

Short URL clicks statistics
Short URL clicks statistics

What Are the Other Ways to Save Money in SMS Campaigns?

SMS mailing for small businesses should not only perform the main function — to convey information, but also pay off. There are many ways, the main thing is to put them into practice. URL shortener service it’s not the only option to save your mobile marketing budget.

Cascade Messaging

To achieve the best result, use multiple channels to communicate with the consumer. Send first through the bulk SMS service. Primarily, send via Bulk SMS service. If you are faced with a rejection for some reason, never mind. Sending Viber to customers comes to help. If the message was not opened in the messenger, then use the email newsletter.

Paid Sender Name

This kind of messaging increases awareness. The customer sees the sender’s name and it remains in memory. If the service is client-oriented, then it will offer less cost. The BSG company is guided by this policy.

Advance Account Replenishment

The secret of how to make sending out SMS cheaper is not that secret. The more you deposit into your account before the campaign, the cheaper each message will cost. 
Include the expenses for a marketing campaign with the link customizer into the budget for several months in advance, and deposit the planned amount in one payment.


Want to know more on how to save money in SMS-marketing? Stay tuned

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    Optimize Your SMS Marketing Budget with BSG Short URL Service

    Our convenient and user-friendly short link service not only reduces character count in SMS but also:

    • improves user experience;
    • tracks and collects click data;
    • provides detailed analytics about the sent campaign;
    • grows the brand awareness;
    • increases the number of website visitors.

    Lead the customers along the desired path on your website and track conversion rates with a custom URL shortener domain.

    And for platforms with stronger confidential data protection, two-factor authentication for business will help to develop trust in the service. Third parties will not receive confidential information, and the user will have peace in mind about their data and money in the account if any. 

    BSG Platform is always happy to help grow your business.

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