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SMS Campaigns

You think that there are only 3 major types of SMS campaigns? If yes, you’re wrong. There may be several campaign types which are successfully used in SMS marketing for reaching the ultimate success in sales and communication.

More Campaign Types

So, here are some more types of SMS messaging, which will help to organize marketing and sales to your business:

1. Welcome Messages

Welcome SMS campaign is also a way of dragging clients’ attention and boosting sales. Sometimes, we think it is a waste of time and neglect welcome messaging series. But, in fact you can get a new lead even from the welcome message: either through social network or as a result of a registration on the website, etc. Or when the customer has subscribed to the SMS newsletter, etc.

The great advantage is that there is no need for a specific reason to send a welcome message to the potential customer. You need to warmly accept him/her and demonstrate your sincere joy from it. At the same time, you shouldn’t write some dry “Thanks for your registration,” but use some value added content or a bonus, indicate the advantages of your product, create a foretaste for the customer in this way and so on. See, only one greeting, and so many opportunities?

2. Themed SMS

It’s worth sending out thematic messages that are related to information about your product or services, with the content that you distribute about the product. This is an introductory form of SMS. It helps to increase the involvement of consumers in your brand and get acquainted with the products.

For example, you offer services in the gym. Then you should make a few thematic SMS marketing campaigns about proper nutrition, name effective exercises and the myths associated with losing weight, etc. Sky is the limit! The purpose of this campaign is becoming the most useful to your customers.

3. SMS Series

In order to better involve the client in your business, increase his/her importance and transfer from cold to hot, we recommend that you use an associated message chain. Start with a welcome SMS, then send several themed messages, and after SMS with an advertising bonus – thank your customer in another message to end the chain, etc.

4. SMS for Regular Customers

Anyway, you have the customers who regularly use your services or buy your goods. It is worthy to make a separate SMS messaging for them. This is necessary, in order to further increase the number of sales, site traffic and the overall audience activity. Prepare a separate list of customers that are already maximally involved in your business, and provide the most valuable and yet unknown information, unique discounts and tips, etc.

5. SMS for New Customers

This is SMS messaging campaign that is implemented to the customers that have just come to your service. In order to motivate them to buy, make a separate SMS messaging campaign. It can add customer satisfaction reviews, short product information, customer success stories and free offers, etc.

6. Event Invitation

If you are an active participant of conferences, arrange meetings and trainings, attend exhibitions and so on, you should announce your customers of that. It is prestigious to send information about the event, speakers, venues, unique advantages. After the conference do not forget to send the value added content or extra materials that can be useful.

7. Testimonial Messaging

Do not forget to thank your customers for using your services or purchasing your goods. Emphasize your trust to the customer, make value from relationships with them to form the ultimate trust and 100% loyalty.


Indeed, in majority of cases there are only 3 key campaign types well-adjusted by the marketers: advertising, informational and congratulatory campaigns. That’s true, these are the main ways of communicating with the customers and attracting the new ones. But many of us do not even realize that there may be at least 7 more kinds of specialized bulk SMS campaign, due to which the real increase in sales and more efficient conversion of potential customers into permanent ones are possible. Think about that!