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SMS Gateway Software

Dmitry Gromov
29 March, 2018

Web based SMS messaging platform should be a reliable software allowing users to send bulk SMS  through timely, uninterruptedly and with the high quality. So, SMS gateway software should be more than just working. It should stay functional all year round day and night in order to satisfy demands of the most sophisticated customers whenever they are.

Typical SMS Gateway Application Features

Unique SMS gateway app development is something that is expected from each Telecommunication company, especially taking into account long-term experience, the clients requirements and trends of modern mobile marketing. Fully setup SMS gatewaytraditionally has the following features:

  • maintaining a structured address book for recipients,
  • the ability to send as one SMS, and bulk packets,
  • detailed delivery reports,
  • dynamic formation of any alpha name (sender names),
  • automatic updating of versions, balance, messaging reports and so on,
  • instant and safe messaging,
  • the possibility of forming messaging in off line,

Platform Benefits

  • A simple and user-friendly interface that does not require training,
  • Multilingual,
  • Automatic Updates.

The main features of BSG platform for bulk SMS messaging:

  • Sending both single and bulk SMS;
  • Any alphanumeric sender’s name specification (SMS sent on any behalf, for example, Starbucks, McDolnald’s, etc.);
  • Delivery reports;
  • Account balance checkout;
  • Automatic program load after the system switching;
  • Mobility: you can simply copy the messaging program and transfer it to any computer, etc.

Who Orders SMS Messages?

This type of communication really has to do with an entrepreneur who works with individual clients, but also has active corporate clients: banks, shops, operators and others. With the help of bulk SMS messaging all customers are informed timely about variety of things: discounts and novelties, about credits and withdrawals, new good arrivals, parcels or letters received, etc.

As you can see, SMS messaging is an effective tool for effective communication with the clients. SMS are 20% more popular in advertising companies as compared to traditional advertising methods.

SMS Messaging Advantages

– Great coverage, bulk sending SMS messages.

– In a broad sense, you can not just send a message, but also pictures and added value content.

– Relatively low cost of services.

– Control, as you track not only sending messages, but also information about the delivery or whether it’s read or not, etc.

To use the cheapest SMS gateway software, with the ultimate use, you are welcome to try it for free with us.

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