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Bulk SMS Marketing Solutions

Dmitry Gromov
25 June, 2019

Some old good SMS campaign may turn out to be an excellent solution for business if you work with SMS marketing services like BSG. Billions of SMS messages are sent monthly, despite the popularity of instant messengers like WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger, etc. Why that happens? Simply, SMS either virtually or mobile, is easy to send because instant messengers do not work in no Internet access areas. Messages are reliable and proven way to deliver the information to the addressee, and the cheapest ones.

According to Acision, a well-known mobile communications’ company, SMS text message service may have up to 6 billion active users averagely. Meanwhile WhatsApp grows, it will still catch up with marketing system and SMS messaging only in 2031! So, it is obvious that none of the messengers can outreach the best text services and outrun them in both, popularity and profitability. That is why SMS marketing campaigns on the basis of BSG SMS marketing company are much sought after for promotional or advertising purposes in different niches.

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Online marketers spend much time inventing new SMS marketing campaigns through SMS to deliver the companys new campaigns, digital business promotions and so on. And they still can do it over the phone, and with the help of effective SMS marketing providers like BSG, making text message campaigns. Advanced digital promotion channels as site design improvement, display advertisements, newsletters, SMS text marketing and other content strategies are broadly utilized close to classic SMS campaigns.

  • Message provider acts as an official mobile partner operator. It helps to create mass mailings for advertising via SMS, inform about promotions and discounts immediately after the registration and much more.
  • System WEB interface is easy and clear even for a new visitor.
  • Through online platform or by cell phones, the users may send out sms messages from the site immediately after the registration.
  • About 10,000 customers will receive your texting within two minutes.
  • BSG uses cross-platform equipment, so you may connect your software: website, 1C, CRM. Your own chosen program will send SMS messages on behalf of our company business name.
  • Receive messages from subscribers, build a dialogue with them and form a new services clientele at reasonable cost.
  • Newsletter sms advertising across regions and categories. With mobile message the new customers will come to you.
  • Increase your profits via text messaging platform 24/7.

In fact, marketing SMS is the best invaluable resource within the mobile ad mix for many companies, cheap and proven. Moreover, do not forget that such providers as BSG mobile marketing business, has even more advantages:

  • No hidden fees
  • Cheap SMS marketing
  • Free to try
  • No minimum quota
  • Alfa Name available
  • API integration
  • MNP in US and abroad (mobile number portability status)
  • The lowest market rates
  • International phone lookup
  • 24/7 support, etc.

And if you are not yet using the fountain of opportunities for mobile SMS marketing, BSG opens it in front of you. There are more than enough reasons why you actually should.


The future of advertising is up to SMS marketing providers that organize cheap SMS messaging and act as promotional bulk sms marketing services.  There are numerous advantages of cooperation with them and using mobile advertising at lowest rates.

Marketing SMS Messages are Read in Minutes

With an open rate of over 98%, SMS digital text outbeats email when it comes to reaching customers in an on time manner. As a rule, messages are read in less than 4 minutes after they’ve been delivered by mobile service providers, which makes sms promoyion services highly effective.

Customer Loyalty

Almost 75% of cell phone proprietors might want to get to loyalty program data from their most loved gadgets. The way that almost 100% of cell phones are SMS-empowered makes phone SMS marketing service provider utilize content promoting efforts as an impeccable station for expanding client contribution via promotional sms service provider.

SMS Advertising is Easy to Carry Out

Advertising text messages are as easy to order and use as abc. You do not have to be a tech nerd to make sense of how to do it. Make a record with a mass text company or mobile marketing service providers, make an account, enter the content you’d jump at the chance to be sent, transfer your contacts, and here you go. With the correct mass sms company, any individual will be acquainted with the promotions, and can get a profoundly successful advertising effort, etc. Also, you can go beyond basic tecting and personally interact with your audience with Viber bulk sms

Low Cost

You will be surprised when you find out that ads for business from BSG is nearly the cheapest on the market. Even small and medium businesses with a very tight budget can easily afford mobile text message, especially if they send bulk SMS via the BSG SMS campaign provider & mobile platform and a bulk SMS marketing for business market area. Our really cheap SMS  solutios start from €0.0025 per SMS.

High Conversion Rate

When you order mobile market campaigns from best cheap SMS marketing and send bulk texts, you can count on high conversion rate. Individuals will probably make a move after they read a limited time SMS. A normal conversion rate of texts is around 8%. For Email channel this figure is around 1.73%, though marketing by SMS can gloat a transformation rate of 4.43%, yet its normal CTR is under 1%.


BSG was founded in 2001, and since then has been one of the top SMS providers that helped thousands of enterprises to get the most of their marketing through campaigns. With a solid mass sms expertise and an impressive portfolio, BSG is committed to providing text message marketing companies with any size, cost-effective, and efficient text message marketing service and mobile messaging solutions. The sms advertising platform – a modern business tool that can easily boost sales in the desired markets and manage the customer loyalty.

Business marketing text or mailings began to change dramatically over years, and the mobile operators have started to take the first steps to limit the number of SMS-spam for text marketing campaigns at a mobile marketing platform. They are aware that text marketing messages should be provided according to several important laws, introduced concerning the promotion via messages at a mobile marketing system. BSG as a proven marketing platform stands for safety and transparency and, like many other companies rethink their strategies on this instrument. And if earlier, sending massively messages from the phone could be untargeted and inefficient, it has now become one of the most important management tools to provide text  campaign and increase customers loyalty and increase sales.


The Coca-Cola company is said to have spent about 70% of their mobile budget on SMS marketing provider. Being asked about the true reasons for hiring marketing providers, Tom Daily said they had new SMS worked fine and was a channel to stick to SMS marketing services.

BSG is the top SMS marketing platform and a promotional service provider that helps you and your business grow asap. If you want to witness your own companies achieve unbelievable results, pick SMS campaigns with us! Join now and start earning with top quality text message marketing campaigns.

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