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Text Message Gateway for Bulk SMS Messaging

It’s odd enough but some people still do not quite know what’s text message gateway for bulk SMS messaging means and what’s that for. Now you have a chance to finally figure it out to the fullest.

What’s the Point?

Mass SMS informing has already become an integral part of each marketing strategy in both large and small businesses and is extensively used by various companies in majority of spheres. However, in telecommunications, SMS messaging is a legacy description for application-to-person SMS messaging services. Particularly, it refers to sending a huge amount of messages via SMS messaging gateway at once to mobile numbers of the group of already known customers.

Today, the use of SMS is wide enough: from the application-to-individual SMS to mass messaging on a variety of events and occasions. Sending single messages, for example, passwords, warnings, etc., intuitive informing, reaching out in promotional efforts, surveys are all became possible with the help of SMS messaging gateway.

The characteristic of a bulk SMS messaging process is the fact that private businesses or other organizations can use a range of solutions in receiving or sending messages via SMS:

  • software,
  • mobile phone apps,
  • web interfaces,
  • SMS API & website or system integrated.

These bulk SMS messaging solutions collide with a service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the guaranteed delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere all around the globe.
An SMS gateway acts as a transfer between the mobile system of the operator and a remote app of the service provider. The use of bulk SMS messaging as one of the marketing tools of increasing new customers is constantly growing

These SMS portals allow SMS activity to be transferred through a direct connection to the SMSC – Short Message Service Center, of a mobile network operation and after that, to the mobile number recipient.

Why Companies Use SMS Messaging?

It is not surprising that SMS-messaging is the most popular mobile marketing tool that is nowadays extensively used by both small and big businesses.  It’s all because it is the most rapid, technically simple and inexpensive way to deliver information and get customers feedback.

  • One of the major advantages of the tool is targeted messages. With the help of modern technologies a text sent may contain the recipient’s name or the name of the company. This information is better perceived, because it is addressed to a particular person or from a particular company. It is a personalized approach with a high perception ratio. According to the statistics, almost every received SMS is read by the subscriber.
  • It is equally important that such mass messaging is one of the lowest cost options for communication with existing and potential customers, because the cost of an SMS is as little as a penny.
  • In addition, when sending messages, danger of “undelivered” status is almost equal to zero: even if there is no connection or the phone is switched off, texts will be delivered as soon as the signal appears and then stored and read by the subscriber sooner or later.
  • Finally, the ease and convenience of the sms marketing process control should be especially emphasized.
  • It should also be noted that the speed of response to SMS advertising campaigns from the audience is much higher than in the case of a start-up advertising on television or over the radio, not mentioning the printed media.
  • According to statistics, about 10% of subscribers are turning to the company on that very day the message is received.

So, sending SMS messages is an easy, reliable, convenient and efficient way to communicate with the customers, whose contacts are available to you. This method of communication keeps the customer aware of many events that take place in your company and can call their interest. With SMS you can receive and confirm the orders, share information about new products, discounts, and other events, attract new customers and retain old ones, contribute to the income of business and bring it to a new level.

How to Build Valuable Bulk SMS and Create Successful Marketing Campaign

All you need is a complex approach, reliable instruments and taking the following actions:

  1. Create a strategy,
  2. Analyse the strategy (Gap),
  3. Make an outline (the business model),
  4. Define the target audience,
  5. Make up a customer’s’ base by pointing the leads and using CRM,
  6. Segment it (RFM or other analyses),
  7. Make a list of events: triggers and actual events, configuring CMS communication and the mailing service (API BSG),
  8. Set up and offer the key features:
  • easy-to-use interface;
  • Your Personal Area;
  • Sending both single and bulk SMS messages;
  • configuration flexibility;
  • scheduled messaging;
  • reporting of all expelled reports;
  • free testing;
  • template creation;
  1. Trace the competitor’s activity, etc.

In recent years, sending and receiving SMS turned out to be the way of personal correspondence in different types of communication between businesses and their clients. And a proper use of it can not only communicate important information for the consumers, but also enhance the brand’s popularity, product or service and increase the company’s income.
Most organizations and companies that work with clients, have already evaluated the efficiency and quality of the rapidly growing SMS notification services. Those who have not yet tried this service, questions like: ‘what is bulk SMS messaging, and how to make it right?’ will be no longer bothering.

Now that they  are aware of how SMS services help to achieve new business horizons, creating an effective bulk messaging campaign won’t be a problem, but rather a success and a true adventure to the new business horizons.