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Top 5 benefits of the new BSG platform

A few days left before the complete update of the BSG SMS marketing platform interface. This is a complete renewal — and now we will try to tell you about the key benefits for users.

1. Everything in a Plain Sight

From now on, it will be hard to get confused in the new Account Dashboard. The Account Home Page will turn into a convenient start panel, where it is easy to find all useful features you constantly use: quick access to the Statistics, financial information, communication tools (bulk SMS services, Viber) and the Contact List.
All Account sections are available from the start panel or from the top menu — not a single page “missing”.
We believe this will simplify your navigation in the new Account.

For a fuller familiarity with the Account, we have created a special Knowledge Base.
A Help Center with detailed articles on each feature can be found on help.bsg.world and will always be available from the Account Dashboard.

2. Messaging Launch Even Faster Than Before

Among the variety of actions available in the Contacts section in the new interface, there is a quick messaging sending.

  1. Mark the list of the recipients using a previously imported list or filtering the recipients from the general list.
  2. Select the bulk action “Send Messaging”.
  3. Use a ready-made text template or smoothly fill out the text.
  4. Launch a campaign!Or schedule a pending campaign for any date. As you wish. The entire messaging launch process will take minutes.

Even preparing a messaging from scratch has become much faster and more convenient. Applying the default settings and using your custom templates will help you launch any campaign in the same few minutes.

3. The Most In-Depth Statistics — At One Click

We always mention the transparency as one of our advantages. So what does it mean for you?
In the new Account Dashboard, we took care to make the reports viewing and analysing ultimate user-friendly.

Statistics data came closer to the user. All the key indicators, financial reports, campaign reports (by countries, operators) are displayed in the dedicated sections at a glance: the most important indicators are visualized in graphs, all the rest are available on the report page below.

Working with the reports now resembles working with a microscope: all data before your eyes, you only calibrate the approximation to see more and more details. “Just keep clicking” — we say. Financial report, report by countries and operators and report by campaigns — each on its own tab in the SMS, Viber and HLR mobile number active status sections. No more searching through sections — everything is at a glance. Just click the tab you need.

Financial information is now as informative as possible — each replenishment is recorded in the payment history, and each withdrawal, down to a certain message to a certain number — in the financial reports. Not a single cent remains unseen.

4. Top-Notch Customisable Templates

The Messaging Templates and the Report Templates will definitely save your efforts!
Take a little time to prepare templates — and use them endlessly.

Need a country-specific report? Call for a suitable template, and your personal report is ready — and already sent to your email.

Need to inform customers about the promotion as soon as possible? Call for your promotional offer SMS template with all necessary messaging parameters preset, and simply add a list of recipients.

5. Filter Builder and Saving the Conditions Sets

Smart Filter is probably the Account’s most outstanding feature to make your life easier.
With it, you can filter data in all the Account sections by value of virtually any field in the table.

Moreover, there may be several conditions — you can narrow or expand a selection by adding several conditions or even the blocks of conditions.
You can save the preset conditions into My Filters section and use them next time, similarly to the Templates.

For instance,
If you only need to view reports on campaigns with a specific status (“Stopped by user”) among all campaigns of a certain sender:

1) indicate that all conditions must be fulfilled;

2) select a search condition ‘by sender’, as in example 1;

3) click Add condition;

4) specify one more condition: status-equals-stopped by user

The Filters work similarly in the Contacts section, where they become a powerful tool for segmenting the recipients.


Hundreds of hours of in-depth interviews with the clients and many months of work on the new interface are behind. We were trying to make the new interface more convenient for you, and we look forward to the day when you can try it out and share your experience.

Give us a feedback on your experience, we will be glad to know your opinion!