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Top Onboarding Practices. Cheap SMS Gateway

Having people signed up and buying your product or service is hard, that’s true. It requires a great deal of time, vitality, and cash, yet numerous customers are losing the greater part of those hard-won clients promptly after their first-time understanding.

According to research:

„The average app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first 3 days post-install“

Organizations put much effort and much money in gaining new clients, it’s common. And all just to lose the greater part of them immediately. How’s that? Of course, you do not need your business become one of such, right? Cheap SMS gateway might improve the situation if used wisely.

How to Get Your Clients Onboard Through SMS

Since SMS is one of the cheapest and most effective communication channels, it is widely used in order to attract the new customers in different business spheres. If you are going to get your clients onboard asap, SMS is not the worst practice ever.

No need to say that SMS is still the leading marketing tool for both big and small business. Low-budget, as well.  All you need is to establish connection by making an immaculate onboarding process via the low cost SMS gateway. So, let’s get the clients onboard with its help!

SMS Usage Cases in Various Business Areas

  • Taxi services

Taxi services can send SMS messages to their customers on variety of occasions. Also, bulk SMS messaging over the entire customer base of subscribers, who at least once ordered a taxi, may increase the number of orders.

  • Motor shows and service centers

SMS advertising of new services and products may be used by motor shows and car service centers. For example, there is the possibility of mass SMS messaging for the car owners of a certain brand with an exclusive offer.

  • Sports and fitness clubs

SMS messages about the expiration of the subscription period and discounts on its sales, announcement of the beginning of classes, schedule and availability of seats in groups.

  • Night clubs, restaurants, cafes

Reports of concerts, meetings, creative evenings, discos, personal invitations, greetings, etc.

  • Banks and lending organizations 

SMS services will allow the client to receive complete information about the status of the account, wherever he is located. SMS messaging may include the following services:

  1. SMS informing about movement of funds, statement of accounts, etc .;
  2. SMS message about the decision on granting a loan, etc.;
  3. SMS advertising of new bank services;
  4. SMS services to inform clients about promotions and special offers of the bank, etc.
  • Shops and trade networks

SMS-informing about sales, new arrivals of goods, discounts, opening of new outlets and so much more.

Any other cases? Feel free to apply SMS in any of them with us fast and cheap