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Why to Choose Viber Bulk Message Sending Software?

Viber is considered to be a relatively new and already quite a popular form of advertising, alongside bulk SMS messaging. The difference is that the letter is not as cheap and flexible as the first one.

No wonder, to attract new customers and informing the current ones about the discounts and promotions, Viber messaging is ideal. Viber messaging app usage while on the go brings instant messenger advertising on even to the next level. Of course, it’s not the only one Viber marketing software for business advantage. There are many of them.

Viber advertising software works only on modern mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), supporting the most popular platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.). However, that does not much interfere with Viber + other communication channels usage for business purposes. For example Viber + SMS, mobile number address verification + wireless provider lookup, or E-mail or altogether.

According to statistics on our clients’, the result from Viber messaging will be something of:

  • CTR (click-through rate) increases 5-15%;
  • each 5 follows the website link and purchase goods/order services;
  • costs per advertising may be reduced in several cases;
  • 39% becomes regular customers.

It is obvious that Viber bulk message sending software, alongside SMS messaging, and E-mail texting is another powerful interaction advertising tool, useful for both regular and new customers.

Indeed, how to better notify the customers about the latest promotions, discounts and sales? The advantage of SMS sending is that you do not need the Internet for receiving messages. No matter which phone your customers have, since 100% of the devices support receiving text messages, mass SMS seems to be a perfect tool. Before compiling a contact SMS list, check it for delivery stability, delays, and other things that may hinder its efficiency with receiving sms test.

However, that does not compare with the advantages of viber bulk message sending software for business. Namely, you can achieve better results with a minimum budget, and of course, the best one by combining these two methods of delivering messages for business.

How it works?

Viber messages definitely have a range of advantages, wider content format opportunities, which’s extremely more progressive and user-friendly in comparison with SMS technology, especially for mobile usage.

  • a picture, text or picture + text are allowed.
  • messages are sent to those who are authorized Viber users.
  • much space for creative content, including emoji.
  • to add links to various sites and accounts in social networks is also allowed.

It is also worth ordering the service promotion of instagram, for the integrated promotion of your product or service.

There are many applications for organizing messaging via Viber:

  • ViberAd,
  • Auto Viber,
  • Viber ads plus,
  • Mass Viber Ads, etc.

You can find Viber ads software free and send Viber ads whenever you need, as well as have other options of using this instant messenger for multiple business goals. Viber marketing indeed, is not limited to using SMS +Viber only.

How we Work?

  • You sign in at our website,
  • We contact you to clarify the contact base list details,
  • Or you select a database from available,
  • To select an individual database of Viber subscribers (as per key activities, for key inquiries,
  • competitors, interests, countries, cities and other parameters)
  • You provide the materials for advertising on viber (text, link + picture),
  • Approve the list of contacts & pay up for the services,
  • Choose the date and time for messaging,
  • We launch an advertising campaign for you,
  • The next day you receive a detailed report.

So, a number of advantages over SMS and E-mail messaging can be provided by Viper texting app.

Easy to use, Viber messages for business are quite simple in usage and bring positive results. To launch a campaign, no special skills will be required, even a person who has just installed the program on his favorite device for the first time will be able to handle it. However, the ultimate advantage, especially for marketers is definitely low costs.

When you subscribe to the Viber services, you get a range of advantages for your business, as well as personal usage. A large audience. Creative messages and much more will be at your disposal with Viber software ads.