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Viber Bulk Message: Choosing a Viber Bulk Sending Software

Viber chats

Marketers worldwide are coming up with genius ways to reach more customers. While brands are budgeting huge funds for advertising, there is a more cost-effective option capable of reaching more people. 

Bulk Messaging on Viber is a cheaper, faster, and more creative mass-marketing solution. The Viber platform is an instant messaging app that connects users through chats, texts, and voice calls. Viber is free and has more than a billion users worldwide. 
This guide will explore the benefits of Viber Bulk SMS to brands, when to use it, and why you should partner with BSG, an omnichannel marketing platform to handle your Viber mass messaging campaign.

What are the Advantages of Sending Viber Messages?

Advantages of Sending Viber Messages

So why should you send promotional information with Viber? We will provide some benefits to explain this point. 

More SMS characters

Viber lets you send bulk messages of about 1000 characters. With this high limit of characters, you can be more descriptive and detailed in your business messages. 

Engaging messaging

You can add pictures or interesting images as part of the message using Viber marketing. The messages are illustrative and better explain your product or service well. 


Sending Viber messages is less pricey than sending bulk SMS for small businesses. There is significantly less impact on your budget, and you enjoy this great marketing tool at cheaper costs. 

Global audience 

As we stated earlier, over one billion users are on Viber. The platform is available in 40 languages, meaning you are available worldwide. You can see useful customer insights regarding customers from your country when you sign up on Viber.

What is the Cost of Sending Messages via Viber?

It costs just $0.02 to send a  Viber message. In comparison, regular Viber messages will set you back $0.011. It is noticeably cheaper to send messages on Viber than the usual SMS.

Viber Bulk Messaging Features

Viber Bulk Messaging Features

Some features differentiate Viber from other mass messaging platforms. Let’s discuss some of them. 

Conversational messaging 

Viber mass text messaging is not one-way traffic. 90% of customers desire conversational messaging with brands. Your receivers can message you just like chatting. The advantage is rapid feedback which generates sales. 

VoIP calls

More than just a messaging app, Viber allows you to make free calls to your customers over the Internet. It is a perfect solution for customers who prefer calls over messages when contacting a business. 

Mass texting 

Sending messages to millions of customers simultaneously takes a lot of work. Viber simplifies this process through the Broadcast list feature. Using this feature, you can mass send your message to contacts without putting them in a group chat. 


How do you send tailor-made messages to customers? Simple. Integrate your brand’s CRM with the Viber app and utilize customer behavior analytics to send concentrated messages.

You make the customer feel special, creating a bond between you and the customer. 


Brands are increasingly tapping into community-based models to relate with customers. Statistics show that 55% of brands believe that the branded community significantly impacted increasing sales. 

Viber business messaging helps create a community for customers to share their thoughts, which helps you gain insight into what they think of your brand and how to improve. 

Multimedia sharing 

You are not limited to only text on Viber. You can share images and videos to explain further what you mean in the text.

For instance, you can send how-to-videos or photo previews of a new product to attract customers. 

When Should Viber Bulk Messaging Be Used?

Viber Bulk Messaging

If you consider connecting with your customers using Viber Business Messaging, you should note the top use cases for Viber messaging. 

Customizable messages

When crafting your messages, the Viber bulk message-sending software allows you to add your brand name and logo. Your receivers will know the message is from you. A brand they know and trust. 

Add a call-to-action tag and multimedia images to spice up the message. 

Customer Support 

Viber business messaging has chatbots that help you respond to customer inquiries. The chatbots also send scheduled messages like promotions and offer to customers. 

For product information 

Viber mass messaging is a wonderful tool when you release a new product and want to market it. In the message, you can add details of the product plus images and videos of the product. 

Payment notifications 

Customers are informed of the completion of orders through Viber business messages. You can also use it to tell them of refunds and notify customers of upcoming payments. 

Choosing the Right Solution: Key Things to Pay Attention to

There are some important things to note to send bulk messages on Viber. 

Select the right partner.

You must partner with a reliable Viber Bulk Message sender to run an effective Viber campaign. The right partner helps you add more functionality to your Viber campaigns. The partner also sets up your account and helps create a contact list. 

Create a verified business account.

One of the duties of your partner is to open a business account for your brand. Add all necessary information about your business, such as the website, logo, and images, to the account. Once the account is opened, it gets a blue tick to show it is verified. This verification builds trust with your customers. 

Combine Viber with SMS

Viber messages may sometimes fail to deliver. Using SMS as a backup, those who fail to get Viber messages get SMS. Every phone is capable of receiving SMS. Thus, choosing a bulk SMS service with Viber business messaging is smart.

Analytics Dashboard 

BSG provides a powerful dashboard to measure the success of your campaign. We give you specific reports on messages, country-by-country reach, and financial information. 

Final Thoughts 

In closing, you would agree that Viber Bulk Messaging is a must-have marketing tool for any brand. It’s inexpensive and offers great features,  You can partner with BSG to scale your Viber marketing.

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