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Web Based SMS Gateway

Dmitry Gromov
17 April, 2018

SMS Internet gateway is often used to organize effective messaging without any extra means. In fact, web SMS gateway is a software platform that provides sending and receiving short text messages. SMS messages from the platform are sent to direct channels of cellular operators for similar platforms. Sending messages is possible via HTTP API or SMPP protocol. These protocols are standard for SMS exchange and are applied in every Telecommunication company with no no interruption.

How Web Based SMS Gateway Works?

To connect to the SMS gateway, you need to register on our web site, create a sender’s signature and choose the most convenient connection method personally for you:

  • SMPP protocol,
  • SOAP protocol,
  • SQL connect to our database,
  • Integration with CMS, CRM, etc.

Areas of SMS Gateway Application

The most common gateway connection is used for:

– Сlient-bank account about transaction notifications.
– Binding user registration to a specific subscriber number via SMS.
– Notification of customers about the status of the order, promotions, news, any other SMS advertising.

For example, if you have a commercial Internet resource, where large amounts of information are stored, the SMS gateway connection will also provide additional protection. Since you bind the key active user actions to his mobile phone, messages will automatically be sent to the user’s phone via BSG platform.

Major BSG Internet SMS Gateway Advantages :

  • Functionality.

SMS gateway developed by SaaS companies is suitable for installation both for large and small companies, has a ready API for connecting to internal systems, as well as standard connectors for operators, etc.

  • Bulk SMS messaging.

A custom SMS gateway is required if there is a need to send many messages in a short period of time. The cellular operator provides guaranteed bandwidth, but if you use the gateway with other customers using the same channel, the operator’s bandwidth will be shared among all of them.

  • Data protection.

Setting up your own gateway reduces the length of the chain of intermediaries to the mobile operator, so if you have important data that is sent via SMS, this option may suit you perfectly.

  • Time-tested platform.

Our platform has been developing, improving and extensively used for more than 10 years and meets all the requirements, and proven by long term cooperations with cellular operators.

  • Technical support.

We provide technical support for our software solutions all year round day and night, we issue updates for the use of new functionality to meet the requirements of mobile operators.

  • Requirements for resources.

Our SMS gateway do not require extra resources, the server can be located both in the data center, for large loads, and at the company’s office, for smaller information flows.

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