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What Works Best: Inbound or Outbound SMS Campaign?

For those who yet do not know what inbound marketing is, this is a kind of marketing involving the creation of free useful content for users, often without direct advertising of products. The main task is to generate loyalty from a potential buyer, to earn his/her trust, educate him/her and entertain.

In contrast to the traditional marketing (Outbound marketing) does not use direct aggressive advertising, and the company’s popularization takes place due to the content virus distribution (content self-distribution, sharing of resources between the users and raising search engine position results).

There is nothing unusual in its growing popularity of this marketing. It’s simple, the effectiveness of obtaining quality leads (buyers) is much higher than with the use of traditional advertising channels. In addition, budgets are spent on creating the quality products due to which people benefit, rather spent on the company ambitions.

What’s Inbound SMS Campaign?

Looking at the latest marketing trends, most of the positive changes in the realm of advertising takes place due to the gradual evolution of traditional old-fashioned and boring marketing (outbound marketing) into the so-called inbound marketing, interesting engaging and well-adjusted.

You are welcome to use inbound marketing in SMS industry for the ultimate success. For the situation when people consider business SMS, they tend to consider outbound battles, which surmises sending displaying messages, updates and offers directly to the customers without much care if they need it or not at the moment. The principal contrast is that outbound battles don’t instantly include getting a reaction, yet rather push the customers to make certain deeds right now right here. Regardless, that is only a solitary side of the coin.

Inbound messaging is more effective, because it implies viral users marketing and self promotion, which is a thousand times more productive, though rather a long-playing perspective.

Inbound marketing is not limited to promotion of the company in blogs, podcasts, on video hosts, e-books and other publications, SEO, social media and through other forms of content marketing. The strategy of inbound marketing is to earn not the users’ money, but their interest first.


Numerous studies confirm that aggressive means of advertising are losing their ground. So, is outbound marketing. If you apply inbound marketing streategy in your SMS campaign, all that you will require is where all the feedback will come from in the end.

This can be either a standard mobile or a short number, which can be requested through the SMS API in the individual BSG account. After you get the number for approaching efforts and gathering the membership demands, you can start the regular mailing without any problem.

As the practice shows marketing experts who impose products on a client spends huge budgets and at the same time loses the market. And that’s as far as outbound marketing methods is concerned. Inbound marketing is all about getting found in Google, social media and blogs.

Useful Statistics

Aggressive outbound marketing campaign aftermath:

  • 91% of users refuse to subscribe to aggressive company news after receiving newsletter;
  • 44% of mails remain unread;
  • 84% of users from 24 to 35 years old stop visiting their favorite websites after obsessive advertising;
  • 86% of viewers switch the channel during advertising.

So, outbound marketing, as opposed to inbound marketing, is out to date advertising that buys the attention of users through cold calls, radio and TV advertising, spam and other traditional promotion ways.

Success Stories

Firefish, Recruiting Company

Objective: market share increasing with low marketing budget.


  • Official website content was significantly improved;
  • Brand awareness via social networks increased;
  • Company blog created;
  • Search engine optimization applied;
  • Client seminars replaced with the webinars.


  • 94% customer retention increase,
  • 190% increase number of requests for purchase,
  • 355% traffic increase.

Orabrush, Oral Hygiene and Fresh Breath Products

Objective: Find alternative ways to boost sales after traditional channels showed a bad return ratio.


  • YouTube brand channel launch. A video/months, ppc;
  • CTA added to promo pages;
  • Brand awareness via social networks increased.


  • 187 thousand times increased brand awareness in social networks;
  • 47 thousand views of videos on the official YouTube channel achieved;
  • 10 times conversion increased from the promo page.

Why BSG Messaging?

No matter you’re new or not in business, particularly in SMS, it is impossible to neglect the advantages of getting SMS online quickly, and using it for the best inbound effect.

  • Gives an immediate feedback

It’s hard to judge how reasonable your ad is, especially when you can’t take after each call back, etc. It’s more basic for your potential new customer to overlook that they saw your promotions when they can’t just catch up on in coordinate way. What’s more, this is the high time for inbound content to enter the race.

You should just incorporate the number of your suggestion to take action, so individuals, who are extremely intrigued, could furnish you with the criticism immediately. That won’t cost them a penny, since they’ve just got their cell phones in their pockets and are out there to respond whenever they can.

  • Records advertising results

It’s significantly less demanding to track which of your adverts is performing best when most of the requests can be easily recordered. Use alternative keywords for each advert, so the inbound messages all get sent to various inboxes. The one with the most responses, is likely your best advert. Straightforward as it should to be.


Sort out and improve your advertising campaigns with the help of SMS services inbound. The tools you utilize must incorporate control boards for checking efforts with the capacity to apply altered settings, campaign outlines, and give precise information important to enhance strategy execution, and the content must meet every client needs, etc. Feedback is the most crucial power.

Get your inbound campaign started, and the feedback received with BSG here right away!