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Why Should Tech Companies and Software Development Firms Use Text Message Marketing

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The primary objective of marketing is universal regardless of the industry or marketing channel adopted. However, we must also admit that certain marketing channels best suit specific verticals and purposes.

For instance, SMS marketing is regarded as one of the best channels to send personalized messages across verticals. Yet people wonder if text mobile marketing can also be effective for tech companies. But we tend to forget that the concept of SMS is widely applicable and remains relevant as long as more than 90% of the world’s population uses a phone.This guide is a quick exposition of the benefits of SMS marketing for tech companies and how you can wield SMS advertising to achieve your marketing goals. And if you’re thinking about launching your own SMS business, you can sign-up as a bulk SMS reseller to get started already!

What Are the Benefits of Using Text Marketing in the Tech Industry?

State of SMS Business Use

The tech industry is highly specialized and mostly a B2B market hence the misconception regarding adopting mobile SMS marketing. Notwithstanding, marketing is first about communicating your brand convincingly to a target audience using appropriate mediums. And SMS marketing offers just that.

For better clarity, there are two primary tests you should subject any marketing channel to:

  1. Audience suitability test: can I use this medium to reach my target audience?
  2. Marketing/brand appropriateness test: can I use this medium to express my brand’s marketing objectives?

Subjecting the concept of SMS marketing in light of the above would reveal that SMS marketing offers both benefits effectively, even for the tech industry.

We would highlight the benefits of text marketing for the tech industry under both tests.

  • Wide audience coverage: These days, mobile phones are essential, and almost everyone in the world (91%) has one. So it is safe to assume that most customers of tech companies have a mobile device because tech offerings are often accessible through smartphones and computers. In essence, SMS marketing allows you to reach a good number of your target audience. Collaborating with an SMS bulk provider, you can deliver remarketing campaigns to a group of people at specific times.
  • Higher engagement rate: Marketing efforts start counting when there is sufficient engagement, and text marketing campaigns elicit engagement even more than emails. For context, the average response rate for an SMS marketing message is 45%, but email click-through rates are often at most 7%. Also, with an open rate of over 95%, you are certain that your marketing efforts will not go to waste.
  • Concise and effective messaging: Long ad copies are not always effective for marketing. Sometimes a short, direct message does the conversion magic better. Integrating marketing SMS messages into your overall strategy gives you the needed balance for optimal results. According to a survey, 70% of customers believe that SMS is an effective approach for brands to get their attention. 

Types of SMS Marketing Campaigns for Tech Companies. 

If you’re wondering how best to deploy an SMS text campaign for your tech company, here are a few types that would be helpful.

  1. Personalized promotions

Customers prefer personalized brand messages and are more inclined to engage with brands that recognize individuals. SMS marketing offers the perfect channel to build better business-customer relationships on a personalized level. You can send promotions via SMS based on a user’s specific journey with your company. 

It’s not a problem if you have a large customer audience to attend to; with a smart SMS mass communication platform, you can send personalized messages easily.

  1. Conversational campaigns

Marketing campaigns mustn’t always be a sales pitch or one-sided. And today’s customers expect more interactional campaigns; they want to be involved and be able to speak and not just be spoken to. According to McKinsey, 71% of customers expect brands to provide personalized conversations.

One of the best and most effective methods to deliver conversational campaigns is through SMS. People are more inclined to respond to texts, especially when you adopt a 2-way SMS solution.

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  1. Remarketing campaigns

Every marketing strategy must include a remarketing plan to help reduce customer churn rate, enhance brand awareness, promote sales and curb the occurrence of abandoned carts. While there are various methods to deliver remarketing messages, SMS marketing remains one of the most effective. It can elicit the right response, create a sense of urgency and encourage quicker responses.

  1. Quick Updates

You can deploy SMS to send important and urgent brand messages that require immediate action. People are more likely to see a text message faster than an email. According to statistics, 90% of SMS marketing is read within the first three minutes of receiving it. SMS can also be used to initiate security procedures like 2FA.

Are you a tech company looking to promote your brand through SMS campaigns on multiple platforms? Employing a text message widget on platforms like BSG allows you to integrate your various messaging channels into one system for easy and convenient management. With this, you can manage all input channels, like Telegram, Viber, etc., from one place..

Examples/Use Cases of SMS Marketing by Tech Companies: Strategy + Take Home

The tech industry is not new to SMS marketing; big brands and conglomerates in the tech niche have always implemented SMS marketing campaigns to reach their customers. We will highlight a few examples and how they wield the power of SMS marketing.


Tech conglomerate and social media giant Facebook have also adopted SMS to deliver various forms of marketing to its customers. Although Meta powers one of the most popular marketing channels (Facebook advertising), it’s still embracing SMS marketing underscores the importance and relevance of SMS for tech companies.

Meta uses text to deliver 2FA and verification codes that help ensure users’ accounts’ security.


Binance is a fintech company that focuses on cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. This crypto exchange actively employs SMS solutions to deliver marketing messages and other brand-related messages to users. For instance, platform users often get notifications for transactions or event invitations through SMS.


Lyft Is one of the fastest-growing, tech-inspired ride-hailing service providers in the United States. The company provides a smartphone app that allows users to easily order a trip and engage with a close Lyft driver within minutes.

Lyft employs SMS to enable real-time communication between drivers and passengers. Whenever a driver arrives at a destination or accepts the order, the passenger gets an instant SMS notification to that effect. Passengers can also report any missing item through SMS using the “lost & Found” features.


Yelp is a popular review platform that allows users to share their experiences with local businesses and connect them to these businesses or service providers. Yelp enables SMS interactions between businesses and customers. Customers can make reservations, inquiries, or demand service using SMS. Brands also respond and forward their offerings to customers through the same medium.

Key Takeaways

The companies mentioned are just a few from the multitude leveraging SMS marketing to achieve brand objectives. From their application of SMS marketing, we can deduce the following;

  • If you’re seeking real-time engagement, SMS may be your best option.
  • Notwithstanding your marketing strategy, SMS marketing must be a part of it.
  • SMS can be used to send brand information and deliver critical notifications to users.

Here are some quick tips that will help you launch a successful SMS campaign.

How can BSG help?

Implementing SMS marketing for tech companies demands the applicability of SMS solutions that can provide adequate infrastructure suitable for the uniqueness and demands of the tech industry.

BSG is a smart SMS solution that offers a suite of SMS marketing solutions you can deploy to promote your brand’s marketing objectives. The platform provides 2FA, 2-way SMS, and Viber messaging solutions. You may also introduce a click to call button in your email messages for swift and efficient communication.Using the BSG SMS solution doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill, as the platform is user-friendly and allows you to send test SMS for free to help you get acquainted with the system faster.

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