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Enhance Conversions

Anticipate customer needs and provide them with relevant support. At the moment when clients start a chat, you will know their website behavior and interactions.

Increase Clients’ Loyalty

Stay close to your customers by communicating through the messenger they prefer. Handle requests on the go and provide a better customer experience.

Optimize the Teamwork

The system merges dialogues from different instant messengers in one place, keeps all their logs, and allows adding notes and distributing messages between managers.

Install Seamlessly

Create a bot, integrate it into your account, and add a chat button to the website. Use our Web Platform and mobile messenger chats together for processing clients’ requests.

Key Features

  1. All-In-One Universal Chat

    Stop switching between chats and messengers. Manage all the dialogues from Viber, Telegram, and other channels within one window at your BSG account.
  2. Multiple Managers Work

    Add as many active managers to the system as you need. They will be able to process clients’ requests both in the BSG account and in mobile messenger.
  3. Easy Dialogues Managing

    Chatting with a client you can review the message history, pause the communication, add working notes to the dialogue, and forward it to another manager.
  4. Extended Customer Data

    The script loads all available information about clients. You will get their messenger name, phone, current location country, the last page they visited on the website, and more.

Main Benefits


Improve the Customer Service

Chat Messengers are developed to organize all chats in one account. This tool makes it unnecessary to switch between apps and chats. Seamlessly incorporate your preferable instant messengers with the BSG platform and manage the incoming messages in one window.

Increase the Lead Conversion

Besides of involving those clients who prefer chatting, you get a website tool that boosts conversions. Chat Messengers widget will help your managers to speed up the response time on customers’ requests, increase clients’ loyalty, and get more sales closed.

Chat Messengers

  • Unlimited managers
  • No conversations limits
  • User segmentation available
  • Communicate through both Telegram and Viber

Who Needs Our Chat Messengers


E-commerce & Retail

Give your clients an immediate response and attention. Distribute incoming messages between managers depending on their workload.

Healthcare industry

Accumulate all requests from popular messengers on one platform. Keep message logs on each patient and simplify the interaction with your clinic.

Banking service

Improve instant messaging with a secure and universal chat in the BSG account. Create an easy integration on basis of messenger bots.

Group All the Clients Chats in One Window

Arrange instant messaging within your BSG account and with no need to install any software.
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