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Description of the capabilities of the BSG module. World for CRM Intrumnet

General instructions for connecting SMS notifications:

The module is designed to send sms notifications to CRM Intrum clients.

The module operates in two modes: automatic (business processes) and manual (sending notifications to selected numbers).

Module settings:

To start working with the module, you need to register on the site BSG .

After registration, you need to go to the cabinet using the link and get the Live API key by generating it in the settings. The generated key will be sent to your email after clicking the “Save” button

Step 1.

Adding an SMS provider to the CRM Intrum settings menu:

  1. Settings (scroll left side bar to the very end) & Integrations & SMS &  Tab SMS providers  &  Add & Enter Live API key received from BSG by email & Save

Step 2.

Allow users to send SMS from CRM Intrum:

  1. Settings (scroll left side bar to the very end) Integrations  SMS &  Settings Tab & Setting up SMS sending  &  Allow
  2. Settings (scroll left side bar to the very end) &   Integrations  SMS &  Tab “Tel. shipment numbers Add Browse providers for BSG Enter the sender’s name “testsms”, or your individual sender’s name registered in BSG
  3. Settings (scroll left side bar to the very end)  Integrations ; SMS  Tab “Tel. shipment numbers  Column “Employees” Edit   Add employees who will have access to the specified sender name  Save

Step 3.

Send test message

  1. Go to any lead or contact record to which a phone number is linked in an international format without additional characters. Following the example 380501234567, 79153120123
  2. In the field opposite the phone, click on the “Send SMS” icon & gt; & gt; Enter message text & gt; & gt; Click Submit

Step 4. (Optional)

Add Business Process. To create Business processes, it is recommended to contact those. CRM Intrum support. Online chat is available from the main page in the dock bar at the top in the right corner. When manually creating a business process, go through these steps:

  1. Business processes (scroll left side bar to the very end) & gt; & gt; Business Processes Tab & gt; & gt; Edit & gt; & gt; Close