Effective Text Systems for Business

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BSG is a widely known messaging service, an international company that covers multiple markets and delivers the fullest spectrum of sms business opportunities by texting services like bulk message for business, both large and medium, and easily meets even the most sophisticated clients demands in the realm. It is also simple enough to take advantage of sending business letters for the private users too.

Do you want to effectively run your enterprise? Use BSG as your texting service to tell your customers, partners and employees of company news, current promotions and the innovations applied, etc. Text service for business mass texting provides you with the limitless opportunities. No matter if you want to advertise your company as effectively one, or organize the communication process with the clients in a better way, all this becomes possible thanks to modern text businesses technology and communication text message system for business, developed by the leading experts here, at BSG.

BSG Key Benefits


If you pick BSG sms sending business as your major texting services for businesses, leading sms service provider and a unified platform for reaching out your target audience, partners or employees by means of any smartphone messaging, you are in the place, because BSG has got a range of advantages:

  • – web-based,
  • – no hidden payments
  • – the lowest costs,
  • – API integration,
  • – worldwide coverage,
  • – personalized text service,
  • – HLR lookup,
  • – message Business Name allowed,
  • – tracking & reports in real time regime.


Corporate Text Service History in Brief


F. Hillebrand and B. Ghillebaer are the pioneers in text messaging, who came up with the first distinct concept back in 1984 and sent the first thematic “Merry Christmas” SMS to Richard Jarvis fromVodafone company. Neil Papworth was the first to type it and send it.

That is how a new message standard development and its further evolution started. The primary standardization of SMS began in February 1985. The creation of the new digital system technology for cellular generation (GSM) followed.

However, the earliest mobile devices could not enable SMS messages. The first, who made the revolution in 1993 was Nokia that supported SMS on all devices of its GSM phone line in mobile history for the first time!

In 6 years already messages were allowed to be exchanged cross-network, and text message services for businesses or sms services, which made it increasingly popular, were finally established. Now, the future is up to an effective company texting send guarantee service, able to produce business bulk sms and form an effective company sms service.

Business SMS Service for Any Area


It is wrong to think that text for business no longer works. Such messaging with exting services for businesses opens new horizons for the businesses in any area of the world, because company text message service provides instant information sending to distant areas and covers all the regions, where nowadays there is an Internet connection — that is the whole world. What is more, you keep the data sent absolutely safe.

Text messaging service from BSG provides only personalized offers, in the way that is right for each client personally, that is tailor made approach and achieving the mutual benefits are our strong points. BSG knows that the best possible way to make profit is an on time customer informing, economy of money, providing loyalty offers, increasing the brand awareness and other stuff each can convey via a simple message that is received and stored till it is opened up and finally read. That is why texting in business and systems for business like BSG are much sought after and extensively used by both private and corporate clients. BSG also creates and uses the up to date professional text messaging software, cross- platform, well integrated and supported with any platform you wanna stay on which widens business opportunities even more. Bulk sms business from BSG allows clients to expand marketing business opportunity so that to turn corporate bulk sms or company phone text messages into the leads and thus, into the pure income asap.

Why BSG Text Message Service for Business?


SMS text message service is a service that allows people to communicate via a simple and convenient web interface fast, safe and economically send SMS with the help of services for tycoons with a completely legal information to the clients both larger corporate text messaging and smaller messaging for business. The benefits are numerous:

  • Bulk company text messaging as a corporate sms solution is extremely time saving,
  • It is rapid and simple in creation, organizing and distribution, which usually takes up to (2-10 minutes),
  • Work in a user-friendly interface,
  • Dynamic alphanumeric names,
  • Statistics applied,
  • Tracking and reports of the message status,
  • History of message delivery and mailings history allowed,
  • Data privacy is guaranteed,
  • Varied mailing schedule: sending in a convenient time, day and date, etc.


Moreover, the area of usage is impressive. You can apply bulk sending for numerous occasions:

  • Information (events, discounts, etc.);
  • Notifications (news, updates, warnings, invitations, etc.);
  • Entertainment (sending photos, audio, video, etc.);
  • Reminders (visits scheduled, contracts expiry, insurance, banking, sports club, bank payments, appointments, etc);
  • Congratulations;
  • Reports;
  • Images (brand or product promotion),
  • and other send business texts, etc.


You have a unique opportunity to see how sms works. So, join BSG right away to check all the benefits of corporate sms service, and make sure your enterprising text messages are 100% delivered to the addressee and the corporate sms brings the maximum use.