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Welcome to the
BSG Developer Docs.

Whether you're looking to use our REST APIs, receive
notifications with webhooks, or build an app for the
Intercom Messenger, you've come to the right place.

With each API call, you’ll need to set request headers including your access key to authenticate yourself.
Don’t have an access key? Get it in the API menu in your account.

You can create a test- and live keys there.

When your application can’t send an Authorization header, you can use the GET parameter access_key to provide your access key.

We don’t provide incoming request whitelisting on our platform for our REST API.
All requests are forced SSL with an access key.



When calling our API, send your access key

Content type

Set to application/json


$ curl \-H 'Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8M79w0QyM'