Rest Full API


BSG uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. Codes in the 2xx range indicate that a request was successfuly processed.

In case of an error, the body of the response includes a json formatted response that tells you exactly what is wrong.


error An integer that represents the error type.
errorDescription A human-readable description of the error. You can provide your users with this information to indicate what they can do about the error.

HLR error codes

0 No errors
1 Invalid API key
2 Account blocked
3 Not enough params
4 Invalid request or API method does not exists
5 Unknown error
6 Invalid price grid parameter
7 Invalid or missing parameters
8 Not enough money
9 HLR not found
11 Invalid MSISDN
12 External ID absent
13 External ID already exists
14 Invalid request payload
15 Invalid External ID