Developer Docs

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General principles

The BSG API protocol works with JSON objects over http requests using the REST architecture. Each request contains an X-API-KEY header containing one of the keys – test or production. The test key is designated for the system debugging; all requests using the test key return random information. For all requests, unless other information is specified in the function description, we use:

Content-type: text/json


The URL for parameters passing looks like{module}/{functionName}


  • {functionName} – the name of the called method (a complete list of methods is given further in the documentation), 
  • {module} – API module (currently supported by HLR). 

The response to a correct request for creating objects (HLR requests, SMS messages, address books, etc.) contains the error: 0 field; for object requests this field is absent. If the response contains this field, and the value of this field is nonzero, then the errorDescription field will be additionally passed, containing a brief description of the error. For all possible error codes, see Appendix 1.

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