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Get contacts from the Stoplist

The method allows getting a list of contacts that were added to the SMS and/or Viber stop list.

To get contacts from the Stoplist, make request to this URL:


Request parameters:

pageNointegerPaginator page, minimum ― 1. Default ― 1
per_pageNointegerThe number of entries in the response. Minimum ― 10, maximum ― 1000. Default ― 20
typesNostringSpecify the type of the stop list for which we need to return the contact list. Possible values: sms, viber.If the stop list type is not specified, the method will return data for both stop list types

Response parameters:

idintegerID of the contact added to the stop list
phonestringContact’s phone number
created_atdatetimeDate of adding the contact to the stop list
sms_stoplistbooleanWhether the contact was added to the SMS stop list. Possible values: true or false
viber_stoplistbooleanWhether the contact was added to the Viber stop list. Possible values: true or false
totalstringThe total number of contacts in the stop list

If request is successful, you will receive a response:

  "data": [
      "id": 9392897,
      "phone": 85267202829,
      "created_at": "2022-04-18 19:22:16",
      "sms_stoplist": true,
      "viber_stoplist": false
  "total": 1

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