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Increase emails conversions and optimize managers’ work by implementing Email Autodial in your marketing strategy.
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Increase Marketing Conversion

Nudge clients to a deal after they interact with your email message. Connect to the right person at the right time with the right offer and get more sales.

Customize Triggers for Dialing

Add an extra step in your sales cycle and catch leads when they are the hottest. Specify the action subscribers have to perform with your email message so that auto-dialing can start.

Analyze Subscribers Activity

Combine auto-dialing statistics with email campaigns data, qualify leads by their behavior, and create a follow-up strategy for growing the revenue.

Improve Team Productivity

Reduce time wasted on dialing non-existent or duplicated phone numbers. Increase your speed to lead by picking them up with a timely call and keep the subject of the letter in their mind.

Key Features

  1. Webhook-Triggered Call Automation

    Connect the autodial tool by adding the BSG webhook to your mailing service account. Transmit data on client’s actions, such as email opening, link clicking, and others, as an HTTP request.
  2. Quick and Easy Integration

    Connect autodial tool to your email service provider via API. Create a campaign and define events that cause a dialing run. This can be email opening, link clicking, and others.
  3. Track Customer Care Performance

    Record conversations and supervise the managers’ work to assess their results and avoid conflicts. Listen and download calls in the Report section of the tool.
  4. Detailed Dialing Statistics

    The system keeps total statistics about sent emails and follow-up calls. Such information will help you to estimate the auto-dialing cost, its efficiency, and conversion rate.

Main Benefits


Define Warm Customers and Nudge Them to Deal

Once a client opens and reads your email, it’s time to dial and make an offer they can’t refuse. Use follow-up calls to help clients in making choices and taking decisions in their favor. Connect prospective customers at the right time and right place while your email offer is still fresh in their minds.

Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rate

The combination of the Email Autodial tool with bulk mailings can round out sales efforts and help to close more deals. Use follow-up calls to engage clients, interact them with exclusive offers, and build trust and long-term loyalty. Integrate auto-dialing and develop a more successful marketing funnel.

Who Needs the Email Autodial


Email marketers

Maximize email campaign conversion rate. Set up key event that starts the dialing, divide the audience into different groups, and create special offers for them.

Account managers

Make more deals with warm clients with the website autodial tool. Save time by queuing and auto-assigning calls only to the available managers.

Sales managers

Be in time to communicate with clients at the message-open stage. Draw their attention to the newsletter subject, and guide them to the next step of your sales funnel.

Pricing of Email Autodial

Price per minute min 0.010 EUR
  • No additional charges are required. Pay only for calls you make

Pay only for the calls, not for the service

Set up the autodial after email opening and increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns.
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