BSG uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. Codes in the 2xx range indicate that a request was successfuly processed.

In case of an error, the body of the response includes a json formatted response that tells you exactly what is wrong.


error An integer that represents the error type.
errorDescription A human-readable description of the error. You can provide your users with this information to indicate what they can do about the error.

COMMON Error Codes

0 No errors
1 Invalid API key
2 Not enough params
3 Account blocked
4 Invalid request or API method does not exists
5 Unknown error
6 Invalid price grid parameter
7 Invalid or missing parameters
8 Not enough money
9 Inactive price grid
10 Invalid time sent
11 Exceeded limit for messages processed simultaneously
12 Exceeded batch size limit

SMS Error Codes

20 SMS not found
21 Invalid MSISDN
22 External ID absent
23 External ID already exists
24 Invalid request payload
25 Invalid originator
26 Invalid sms text
27 Invalid External ID
28 Invalid validity time
29 Invalid task ID
30 Task not found
31 MSISDN already present in request
32 Originator not allowed

VIBER Error Codes

40 Message not found
41 Invalid MSISDN
43 External ID already exists
44 Invalid request payload
45 Invalid or unregistered sender
46 Invalid message text
47 Invalid External ID
48 Invalid validity time
49 Invalid combination of Viber options
51 Duplicate phone

HLR Error Codes

60 HLR not found
61 Invalid MSISDN
62 External ID absent
63 External ID already exists
64 Invalid request payload
65 Invalid External ID
66 MSISDN already present in request