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MASS SMS SERVICE Many people thought that TV would kill radio, the Internet would kill printed media and finally that Instant Messengers would kill SMS. Now it’s clear that SMS is here to stay. Most mobile phones  are SMS-enabled, which makes bulk SMS messaging an effective communication medium. What’s more, hundreds of bulk SMS services are mushrooming the web, changing the way people communicate and helping businesses of any size deepen customer relationships. Try it free
98% is the open rate of text messages
95% of text messages get opened within 3 min after delivery
150 is the # of times the average person looks at their phone per day
96% of smartphone users regularly send text messages
14% of mobile phone users’ time is spent on texting
97% of Americans send at least one text message per a day


Bulk SMS or mass text messaging is the technology that lets you send dozens, hundreds, even millions of text messages at a time to phone numbers home and abroad with a click of a button. When you send bulk SMS, the cost of one sent or delivered text message gets significantly cheaper. You can even set the desired sender ID, which is the text that is displayed on the receiver’s cell phone as the SMS sender. The popularity of mass texting in different walks of life is growing exponentially, and BSG provides you with everything you could ever expect from a high-quality bulk SMS messaging service.
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We live in a dynamic world where staying connected with others is essential. Bulk SMS technology can be effectively used in many different industries since this communication channel is inexpensive, fast, and a highly reliable. No social messengers and email can outperform mass text messaging. In seconds you can reach as many people as you want, when you want, no matter where they are.
Bulk SMS BSG for Online Services
IT & Online Services
IT & online services use bulk SMS as a two-factor authentication tool to provide a secure digital experience for users. Other uses include messages regarding available account balance, added functionality, changes in pricing, etc.
Example: Unlimited web hosting from BlastHost for just $5 / month. Register your own domain name for free!
Bulk SMS BSG for E-Commerce
Retail businesses and e-commerce sites embrace bulk SMS channel to boost their sales. SMS coupon codes alone generate 10-20% purchase conversion. Sale notifications and special deals make customers appreciate the savings offered to them.
Example: Spring special! Order a pair of headlights for your car and get Magneti Marelli lamps for free!
Bulk SMS BSG for corporations
Big Companies
Bulk SMS has proven to be an invaluable medium for managing internal communications within a company. When you need to distribute internal surveys, send reminders or inform your employees about corporate events, SMS messaging is a great solution.
Example: Crazon Marketing will hold its annual meeting on May, 24th. in Sheridan Grand Hotel. Call 0800XXXXXXX to get more info
Bulk SMS BSG for SMBs
Small & Medium Business
Marketers who add bulk SMS to their marketing mix say this channel is highly effective. 76% of people say they wouldn’t mind receiving promotional SMS text messages informing them about discounts, premium events, reminders, etc.
Example: Hurry up! Final sale from Meblioni brand. Up to 70% discounts on all furniture.
Bulk SMS BSG for transit companies
Transit Companies
SMS messaging is the best way to reach out to customers instantly, with a good chance they will read the message within minutes. Transit companies send bulk SMS services to send notifications and alerts about route changes, arrivals and changed schedules.
Example: Your taxi has arrived. Red Mazda BD51 XX. Have a good trip!
Bulk SMS BSG for banks
Banks & Insurance Companies
Bulk SMS provides value added services to financial institutions at a low cost. Banks use SMS channel to send verifications codes to account holders, give them balance info, one-time pin codes & passwords, direct debit notifications, etc.
Example: Need money? PrivetBank offers interest-free credit up to 24 mnths. Call 0 800 270 27X
Bulk SMS in retail
Retail SMS marketing does wonders for multiple stores, boosting their revenues twofold. Stats demonstrate that regular customers spend nearly 70% more than first buyers.
Example:Black Friday Special! 90% discounts in Wulmart
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