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Ask the most basic question: what is text message web service? Let’s say it is a company that possess effective web based online text messaging service but is completely different from a mobile operator. In brief, such company is more likely to be a commercial entity-intermediary between the mobile operators you may bre well aware of and the clients either corporate or private that need to send massive sms in a best possible way for multiple purposes and got the addresses receive them asap.

Since the ordinary users are not provided with the access to the direct mobile SMS internet texting service gateways, they need to order the quality web service to send sms to the other companies or private users. Their traffic is like a drop in the ocean for NPO. To bridge the gap between them and the users and to cover that ocean distances, there exists the best online texting service in the face of BSG.

The specifics of companies like BSG is the fact that they have the contracts signed with various mobile operators for providing the SMS messages exchange within their networks online. Due to that such sms text messaging services allow their clients text sending service and/or getting SMS through a simple interface which is completely free from hidden prices or any sophisticated technical details traditionally, difficult to understand for laymen.

Why SMS Text Messaging Services for Business


Web based texting service can be widely applied for marketing purposes in variety of fields. Advertising and marketing exposes a significant amount of available tools to stimulate sales growth. And web service for sending sms is one of them. The massive sms sending can be one of the few options that have repeatedly confirmed their effectiveness and efficiency in practice.

According to statistics, 90% of the advertisements sent in text are definitely read sooner or later. This advertising tool allows you to select a specific target audience clearly and inform them about new promotions, discounts and other beneficial offers in a timely and unobtrusive manner. Such attention to the clients interests significantly increases sales and generates a steady loyalty to the brand.

So, web based text messaging service additionally offers businesses a simple and functional sms text message service for creating and managing various premium quality advertising campaigns. Using the features of our service, you get messaging, hosting, tracking and reporting and even more:

  • Quick and easy to make sms advertising via the Internet and send text services from our platform immediately after the registration.
  • Easy to connect any software to our SMS gateway, which will perform automatic delivery of message from online retailers, online services, CRM systems, etc.
  • Easy to attract new customers with our number base for sending SMS, which is segmented by region and mobile network operators, etc.
  • Maintain the feedback from customers. Interactive sms delivery will allow you to fill up the customer base and keep statistics of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Safe funds with us.
  • Simply best online sms service, cheap and fast.


So, on-line messaging services nowadays offer limitless business and marketing opportunities for both corporate and private users. Do not skip a unique opportunity to join and benefit.

How to Pick the Right SMS Text Messaging Service


Being a company with 11 successful years on the market, and a premium sms service, we have always felt discreet while making promises and claims. It’s common that when you approach the sms service for website, you want it to be the best, the top trusted or at lest decent. We advise you’d better check twice before making the final decision in favor or against any sms receive service taking into consideration the following criteria:

No hidden costs


This is a criterion number one. If some sms hosting service offers you a too-good-to-be-true price package, think twice, because there may be some hidden costs that will be a final pitfall after the work is done. Still, there are certain services that take extra charges anddo not know about that in first place. Some internet sms service may charge either monthly fees for using their platform, or take set-up fees. As a rule, they won’t include the info on the official website, do not inform about that by the phone, and you find that out only after the registration is done, or even work done. Unlike, the users of BSG services pay only for the text messages sent/delivered– no hidden costs and they clearly figure that out from the website or the managers over the phone, etc.

Only direct connections


Another success recipe is making sure your web based sms service uses direct mobile operator connections you so much need. In the case, you are dealing with someone who cannot provide direct connections, though the rates are usually lower, the quality of service may be critically poor too. You may notice the messages with the failed delivery status because of that simply because the connection with the mobile operators was probably lost during the message texting.

Free trial versions


Of course, not each sms texting service disposes resources for making a free trial version especially for their clients, but we do have. BSG as a reputable and a completely safe company has a website where you can try a free trial offer and be sure about making the right choice. The maximum free SMS packet offered even by the most generous provides is 25. BSG online messaging services can boast a completely different free trial approach. We load $/€1.00 to the user’s account, which lets the clients send about 10-200 internet text messages, with SMS amount, depending on the destination chosen.

Minimal package requirements


Commercial sms service providers often have a minimum SMS message quota and tend not to provide the customers with non-standard amount inquiries or simply clients who do not need a bulk messaging with their services. These internet texting services will not make good and reliable partners for smaller businesses or startups, private customers or online stores with small budgets for mobile marketing, etc. BSG does not have any quotas and allows sending as many messages as you need on good conditions.

Customer support services


It goes without saying that customer support speaks volumes about the overall quality of the company and is a main channel of reputation forming and the companys decency proof, etc.

A decent SMS provider always has around the clock customer support team, available all year round even at the eleventh hour. The support quality is the direct reflection of companys quality. Available 24/7 via Skype and email, BSG customer support never fails, and the representatives of support team have a deep knowledge and understanding of how the system functions and help the users with the variety of issues related to BSG platform usage and its setup.

Where would you like to send instant messages to? Sending abroad with BSG will not be costly and distressing. Our SMS benefit has years of experience working inside the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and whatever is left of the world market. Thus, useful for businesses of all sizes, an affordable way of delivering your text messages to the clients all over the globe at the speed of 50 messages per second or even faster is at your disposal. Basically enroll, test-drive the system with a free trial, and we’ll help you deal with the rest!

SMS Services

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