An Extra Layer of Security for Users

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“123456” is still the most-used password in most countries of the world.
73% of all online accounts are secured by duplicate passwords.
40% of respondents say they had “a security incident” in the past two years.
95 % of IT experts say security is the top reason for introducing mobility to a company.
80% of security breaches could be avoided with two-factor authentication.
90% of IT companies want to implement two-factor authentication for access to their cloud apps.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication or two-step verification comes down to the use of something besides just a login and password to identify the user. Most often, it’s a randomly generated code sent to the user’s mobile phone by SMS or through an app. This type of multi-factor authentication creates a much safer environment for users, making it harder for cybercriminals to gain access to confidential data. The idea behind two-step verification is that hackers might be able to steal your password, but without the access to your mobile phone they would hardly be able to login to your account.

Who Needs Two-Factor Authentication

Banks & Payment Systems

Provide clients with robust security to overcome the threat of serious theft be it their data or their money.

Online services

Increase user confidence with the help of two-factor authentication to encourage loyalty and the continued use of your online service.

Healthcare Providers

Implement 2FA via SMS to make sure that a person trying to access electronic protected health information is the one they claim they are.

E-commerce websites

Reinforce your e-commerce website with smooth and simple two-step verification from BSG to offer your customers a secure shopping experience.

Law Firms

Safeguard the confidential client information kept in your law practice management software.

Big Companies

Keep your employees from accessing unauthorized data and bring about two-factor authentication for internally shared environments.
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Information Protected By Two-Factor Authentication

You should seriously think about implementing our two-factor authentication solution if your business or organization provides access to the following data online:
  • Sensitive personal information
  • Intellectual property
  • Credit card credentials
  • Legal documentation
  • Confidential financial info
  • Customer records
  • Patients’ health records
  • Student test scores
  • HR records
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Benefits of BSG 2FA Solution

Easily configurable - no IT admin training is needed
High speed delivery
Worldwide coverage – over 1100 mobile operators in 230 countries
Automated SMS delivery reports for your messages
Round-the-clock technical support
Enhanced user loyalty and greater confidence

Customer Testimonials

For months we’ve been looking for a cost-effective and reliable two-factor authentication solution. We wanted to be absolutely confident the technology we’re using in order to minimize security risks of our customers beats anything on the market. BSG provides us with a solution tailored to meet our needs and fit our budget. Samuel, cloud hosting service
Two-thirds of our employees are allowed to work from home and we decided to implement 2FA to provide risk-free access to our networks. Since we’ve started to use the BSG platform, there was not a single data breach in our company. Robin, marketing agency
After 8 years of hopeless struggling against cyber-attacks, I’m finally confident about the safety of our patients’ records. There is any batter bang for our data protection buck. BSG is the SMS service we needed all along. Steven, healthcare center
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