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How to create personalized sendings?

For personalized messaging, сreate Excel tab resembling {{screenshot}} type. Include any personal data instead of columns (1) and (2). Then, upload phone numbers from file which were previously created in process of creating new campaign All texts written in format: “Hello, (1)(2)” will be replaced to following “Hello, Some Name. Some parameter”

What is text messaging moderation?

Moderation of text messages is a message checking process. It gives you an ability to check whether your texts comply with the main subject lines and the rules of the chosen web-sources. In our service, we usually check all prohibited links, not high-quality content and materials that can be raised by telecom operators. It takes up to 5 min to check all messages in ordinary conditions. If your newsletter, stuck in moderation more than for 5 min, please contact our support manager to get detailed information about the status of sending. Such an anti-spam method is customizable and might be disabled upon your request.

Schedule a campaign

The time when you send your SMS messages can have a significant impact on the success of your campaign, so it’s recommended to experiment with our planning tool.


Wie kann ich Viber Bulk Messaging verwenden?

Die minimale monatliche Menge an zugestellten Viber-Nachrichten für eine aktive Viber-ID in der Ukraine beträgt ungefähr 50 000 Nachrichten. Die nicht verwendete Vorauszahlung für 50.000 Nachrichten pro Monat konnte nicht für den nächsten Monat übertragen werden. Zum Beispiel haben Sie 40 000 Nachrichten von Viber gesendet, aber es sind noch 10 000 übrig. Leider brennen sie bis Ende des Monats aus Ihrem Guthaben aus. Sie müssen auch einen Vertrag mit unserem Manager unterzeichnen, um Viber-Bulk-Messaging verwenden zu können.

Which types of messages can I send?

Currently, BSG Service provides only advertisement messages. Contact your account manager, whether you are interested in transactional messaging. Leave your request to activate these services in your account.

Who can use the service?

For Internet-marketers, who want to get unique access to mobile users, which opened the link, and get the conversion rates info.

Does the price depends on the message type?

The cost of Viber message delivering depends on the type of message. The company has to determine the type of message itself during the campaign creation. Viber may block an account in case of conditions noncompliance.


Ce este HLR Lookup?

HLR sau Home Location Register este un sistem centralizat de date, care conține informații complete despre abonații tuturor operatorilor GSM. HLR Lookup este utilizat pe scară largă de agregatorii de SMS și de operatorii de telefonie mobilă pentru a îmbunătăți rutarea traficului SMS, precum și pentru verificarea validării numerelor mobile.

Ce fel de rezultate pot obține?

Făcând o solicitare HLR puteți vedea rezultatele doar în câteva secunde. Viteza de transmitere a informațiilor depinde de. Este nevoie de până la 10 minute pentru a verifica aproape 10.000 de numere și pentru a primi rezultatul în format CSV. Lucrul cu un astfel de format facilitează lucrul cu datele pentru dvs. Va arăta așa într-o versiune web. Datele obținute pot diferi de la o țară la alta.

Ce este baza de date HLR?

Registrul HLR conține informații despre toți abonații rețelelor GSM. Se actualizează automat de fiecare dată când operatorul de telefonie mobilă activează numere noi. Aceste numere sunt stocate în baza de date până când nu mai sunt utilizate. Când sistemul recunoaște că numerele de telefon nu mai sunt disponibile, le elimină din baza de date. Verificarea numărului de telefon cu cererea HLR este absolut anonimă. Abonații, care numere sunt verificate de HLR Lookup, nu vor ști despre asta.


Ce este MNP?

Portabilitatea numerelor mobile este un serviciu care oferă utilizatorilor posibilitatea de a-și păstra numărul de telefonie mobilă trecând de la un operator de telefonie mobilă la altul. BSG este capabil să trimită SMS către operatorul corespunzător folosind MNP în acele țări în care este acceptat.

Ce este MNP?

Portabilitatea numerelor mobile este un serviciu care oferă utilizatorilor posibilitatea de a-și păstra numărul de telefonie mobilă trecând de la un operator de telefonie mobilă la altul. BSG este capabil să trimită SMS către operatorul corespunzător folosind MNP în acele țări în care este acceptat.

Cine are nevoie de serviciul MNP Lookup?

Serviciul de căutare MNP permite curățarea bazei de date, oferind informații noi și corecte despre portabilitatea numărului de telefon mobil. Este ideal pentru agregatori SMS, instituții bancare, de asigurări și financiare, servicii IT și online.


We constantly update the base of porting numbers in our system. That allows to avoid discomfort situations for all customers who use our services.

De ce ar trebui să verific MNP?

Portabilitatea datelor mobile este utilizată pentru rutare corectă a mesajelor. Tarifificarea joacă un rol foarte important, deoarece serviciile de rețele diferite din aceeași țară costă diferit. Serviciul BSG MNP vă ajută să determinați operatorului numărul utilizatorului pentru a afișa prețul final al mesajului

SMS Platform:

What is that?

Cloud SMS Platform for Viber and Bulk messaging

Who uses the platform?

We deliver high-quality and stable services. And collaborate with: - International Wholesale Сarriers, which eager to improve exchange using SMS transit services - Local Retail Сarriers, willing to provide SMS messaging to their clients


Routing We have direct-to-carrier relations. That’s why we offer fast and reliable global messaging solution. Tariffs Services based tariffs Multiple tariff plans Billing Multi-Currency Pricing Payments Powerful API Integrate our SMS solutions within your CRM software, website or app. Realtime analytics Price analysis tools Users activity monitoring Administration Localization Roles Notifications

Unlimited opportunities

Our SMS platform contains a lot of features and customizable options that allow customers to use it easily. Speed ​​and reliability We’ve got direct communication with mobile operators, that allows us to provide fast and reliable SMS traffic. Personal manager We provide our clients with personal managers who are ready to help with any occured questions 24/7 Tech support We care about our customers, therefore we are ready to provide help at any time of the day. Low cost and easy to start We offer an easy and fast way to get started on our SMS platform at affordable prices. Powerful API Integrate our SMS solutions into your software, website or application.

SMS Testing Software:

How can I start using the service?

Just sign up. Only few clicks and you are ready to use our service! Don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone If you have any further questions. We are always ready to help you!

Who can use Testelium Sofrware?

Testelium service is made for SMS aggregators and mobile operators to test the quality of their SMS routes.


We have created our own community of live nodes, and it grows with every single minute. The number of our users is steadily growing, and we are constantly adding new countries to our list. Check the current coverage here.

Tariff plans

The price depends on the chosen plan. You can find all the tariff plans on our website.

Short Links:

What is the short link service?

Short links service allows you to adapt links to easy reading format. It helps to analyze the conversion statistics, including the information about mobile users who clicked the link.

Who can use the service?

For Internet-marketers, who want to get unique access to mobile users, which opened the link, and get the conversion rates info.


Our service allows you to track all mobile users who clicked the link. It gives you an ability to target all subsequent mailings in a right direction.


The service can be activated upon the request, when it’s approved by the client manager. No additional fees required.

May I add my domain into your system?

Unfortunately, this option is not provided at the momemt

Can I use https?

Yes, select the required protocol in the appropriate menu.

Can I use short links service with API now?

No, this function is under development and will be available soon

Which domains can I use?

There is only one available domain, which you can use at the moment


How does it work?

After discussing all the details with your manager, we’ll rent a short number and connect it to your account. You’ll receive all the messages from your customers on it Payment for rent will be charged from your current balance.

How can I connect to the service?

You need to have a sufficient amount on your personal account and connect to our Tech support or your personal manager to use the service.

What should I know about the service?

This service is ideal for making marketing researches, collecting simple surveys and feedbacks on the product and also for banking transactions status confirmation.

Can my customer send a multipart message in response?

Yes, but this text will be rated according to the sent parts of messages.


The сost of the services may very and depends on the country. Check the details with your manager or technical support specialist. Or get acquainted with the preliminary rates on a our special page.



You can get acquainted with our services pricing on our special page.

How does it work?

You send an ordinary text message to a client, we synthesize your text to a voice message and call to your client.

How can I use Text2Voice service?

Сontact our technical support service or your personal account manager to find the information about the prices you need.

What should I know about the service?

The service is activated upon the request, and will be useful to various groups of the clients for traffic retention.

What information receives the subscriber after he called back to the number?

The customer is notified that the number is unserved. We’ll add the ability to route messages in further app versions.

May I rent a number which can be served by my call-center?

Yes. It's possible. Call to your account manager in order to add such services

Why should I use it?

This service can be used by financial and IT companies for two-factor authentification or by taxi services to notify their clients about the status of their ride, etc.

Сan I make personalized messaging?

Yes, it is done in the same way as when creating a regular SMS or Viber send list.

Why do I need it?

The chance to miss a call is less than to miss a message. Therefore, this service is ideal for emergency notifications. You can configure out this feature in conjunction to other services using the flow-builder.

One-Time Password:

What is One-Time Password?

It is a special product, developed by our team for projects which is need a secure login to the administrator`s interface. You can confirm the logins of your employees, as well as their personal accounts using a specially generated message by embedding our services in your website

How can I build-in this service into my web site?

Register on our web-site, and ask your account manager to activate the service. You manager will send you a letter with a special code, which you can embed into your web-site.


You can learn more info about the terms of use and the pricing on our special web page

What's the benefits of the service?

This solution is a completely finished product that can be modified by a client according to his priorities, with adding or removing the password length, code, and so on. With user-experienced interface.

Should I have any developers skills to add your service to the site?

No, you’re not. Just copy the code from our website and add it to your website into required module. Or you can pass this code into integrator system so it integrates by itself.

What password settings can i set?

You may find all of the settings on your page in the block of the service. You can choose the number of characters and the number of their combinations, as well as other special characters


What is Call-code?

It’s the function of the user`s action confirmation, where the user should enter the last few digits of the calling number to confirm transaction.

How can I build the service into my site?

This is a complete product that you can embed on your website. It helps your users confirm their transactions according to the latest trends in Internet security


The service can be activated upon the request, when it’s approved by the client manager. You can learn more info about the prices on our special web page

Can I add your service to my web-site without a developer?

Yes. You can. Just follow the link from the confirmation letter and copy the specified code into your block on the website.

Wie kann ich meine Domain genehmigen?

Um Ihre Domain funktionsfähig zu machen, gehen Sie zu den Einstellungen und suchen Sie die erforderlichen Daten, um in die DNS-Einstellungen zu schreiben, und geben Sie die entsprechenden Daten in die DNS-Einstellungen Ihrer Domain ein.

Transaction Email:

What's the percentage of your letters opening?

The percentage of our transactional messages opening is more than 90%

What's the percentage of delivered messages?

It's close to 99%

How can I be sure that the user will receive the message?

We are trying to do everything possible to ensure on-time delivery email notifications

What data do I need to give you about my site?

To connect your site to our platform, you need to enter your domain to the appropriate field in the settings, go through the verification of all DNS records and click to the "confirm domain" button.

May I create my personal template?

Yes, surely. This feature is provided in our settings. You can either create your own HTML layout or choose one from our presets.

Won't my letters get spammed?

No, they won’t. Our algorithms are built in a special way, so that the percentage of sent message reached a maximum for transactional messages.

Bulk email:

Won't Google block your IP adresses?

No, that happens very rarely. Only when a large email client decides to block IP addresses or IP address pools. We've set up special filters that won't allow such mailings reach the final recipients. You can be sure that your users won't receive unwanted emails.

What percentage of delivery do you guarantee?

Haben Sie eine White-Label-Partnerschaft?

Wir arbeiten derzeit an dieser Funktion und werden sie bald unseren Benutzern vorstellen, die mit unserem Service zusammenarbeiten möchten, um mehr Kunden anzulocken.

May I add files to my letters?

You may add files with using online storage

Can I use Gif animation in emails?

Yes, surely. Open the HTML editor when creating the letter and add the code with the source of your animation.

Push notification:

How can I set up the function?

Just go to push notifications settings block and copy the specified code to your site.

Will the push-notifications work on my mobile version of the site?

Yes, all notifications can work on any type of digital electronic devices. Including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Which settings can I use for editing?

You can edit pop-up notifications in the way which is necessary for you. Change the image, the title, and text notifications by yourself or use one of our templates.

Can I automate notifications due to the certain actions of web site visitors?

Yes, you can configure all the actions from your Settings menu and add some push notifications to your Flow-builder for better integration with our services.

How much does it cost?

You can learn more info about the terms of use and the price on our special web page

May I add an emojis into my texts?

Yes, you can use all Unicode characters, including emojis