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How can I use Viber bulk messaging?

The minimal monthly amount of delivered Viber messages for one active Viber ID in Ukraine is about 50 000 messages. The unused prepayment made for 50 thousands messages per month couldn`t be transferred for the next month. For an example, you’ve sent 40 000 messages from Viber but there 10 000 left. Unfortunately, they’ll burn out from your balance by the end of the month. You also need to sign a contract with our manager to use Viber bulk messaging. 

The minimum monthly number of messages in Viber bulk SMS should be around 50,000 messages sent from an active Viber ID in Ukraine. An amount will be deducted from your account every month that is missing up to 50,000 messages per month.

Let’s say you’ve sent 40,000 messages a month, and at the end of the month we’ll charge you 10,000 messages that you didn’t have time for.

You will also need to sign an agreement with our manager who will accompany you.