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Schedule a campaign

The time when you send your SMS messages can have a significant impact on the success of your campaign, so it is recommended to experiment with our planning tool.

A well-known food delivery service increased the conversion rate using BSG, sending advertising messages in the hours before lunch, not early in the morning. They combined it by sending messages with a more realistic time, for example, 11:09, rather than 11:00 on the spot. There are three simple tips:

When scheduling messages, it will correspond to the time zone in which your account is located. You can confirm or change your time zone by going to your user name in the top toolbar menu → “Settings” → “Time Zone”.

Plan your newsletter

1. While creating a newsletter, scroll down and open the advanced settings menu and select the time when it will be necessary to send the newsletter.

2. Indicate in the opened menu the date (2) and time (3).

The amount for the scheduled newsletter will be charged only after it starts and starts.

If you want to change something in it, cancel or view, you can go to the appropriate menu:

  1. ID mailing
  2. Starting date
  3. You can pause the newsletter and then continue it.
  4. Stop completely mailing list
  5. View mailing information
  6. List of messages that are sent within the list