2-Way SMS Messaging

What is 2-Way SMS Messaging?

2-Way SMS Messaging allows to send and receive SMS through a web messaging platform with the help of APIs or complete solutions. Two-Way SMS incorporates outbound Mobile Terminated (MT) and inbound Mobile Originated (MO) SMS.

2-Way SMS messaging is done with the usage of shortcodes or virtual long numbers known as virtual mobile numbers. The main differentiation between short codes and long numbers in 2-way SMS is the length of the number; while virtual mobile numbers look like a common phone number, short codes have between 3 and 6 digits and the user is able to remember them faster.

Short codes are used only on a national level because different countries have different regulations and requirements concerning them.

How does it work?

2-way messaging uses shortcodes or virtual mobile numbers to communicate with large numbers of customers efficiently. It turns the simplest channel for mobile messaging into a medium for customer conversations and greatly expands the functionality of text messaging by giving you a platform to talk with your customers and feedback. 

Advantages of using 2-Way SMS for your business

  • Immediate delivery: text messages usually get delivered within seconds, which helps your business to deliver time-sensitive messages instantly. Also, SMS open rates and response rates are considerably higher than emails. The faster and more direct the communication, the sooner your customers can make a decision.
  • Automation: the 2Way SMS service can save time and resources by setting up automated, dynamic responses based on predefined keywords that identify your customers’ preferences. 
  • Low cost, high conversion: conversion rates of SMS texts are high because such messages are short, clear, and don’t contain a lot of links or images. SMS campaigns usually have lower setup and running costs when compared to other types of marketing.
  • User-friendly APIs: good two-way SMS providers offer accessible APIs through which businesses can send, receive and monitor messages. They can also be integrated easily with any third-party tools or applications.

Pros of 2-Way SMS

  • It is very effective in creating a sense of authentic conversation with the recipient. By allowing your customers to respond, it shows that you value them and want to create a more interactive experience for them.
  • It streamlines the customer service process by addressing customer concerns more quickly. In fact, over 60 percent of people open their text messages within 5 minutes of receiving them – and they expect that kind of speed from you as well.
  • 2-way SMS makes it easy to monitor your SMS campaign engagement.

How to send and receive texts using 2-way SMS

Building a healthy and personal connection with your audience is one of the best investments you can make. Successful brand communications strategies are founded on building lasting relationships with the audience and not just having a one-way conversation where the company dominates the narrative.

This is why we’ve developed a bulk SMS service that gives you the chance to build and grow customer relationships and amass business intelligence. 

So how do you start? Let’s dive in.

Find a reliable bulk SMS messaging platform

There are a million and one platforms out there that offer 2-way messaging and this is where you have to find the one that works best for your business and if possible find a cloud communication platform that humanizes communication with your audience on the highest level.

Start with a catchy message

Think of it like you are trying to woo someone of the opposite sex like in the Bollywood movies. There’s dancing, there’s a party and it is colorful to watch. Your first message must be that way. Short enough to capture their attention and long enough to get them to want to respond. Ensure you’re saying something interesting and impactful because customers want to talk back to you on this channel. Personal touch also goes a long way for customer service. A simple “How are you today?” message can translate into some serious brand affinity.

But be sure it’s compliant and you have your customer’s permission

To build your customer database, you need consent to engage with a customer. Obtaining consent for the first time is critical, but it is an affirmation that your texts are welcome.

Continue the conversation

What makes 2-way SMS so desirable is that after the initial contact, you can follow up with information about updates, solve issues, push promotions, and even invitations to take part in surveys.

This establishes a personalized experience by building on what you already know they want to know about and need. You can use the data you gather with each interaction to build on that value and generate new channels for more profitable conversations.

With a great hook, expect a reply

Once your customers see real value in your texts or see 2-way SMS as a convenient way to get things done, your inbox will seldom be empty.

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