A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Messaging

What is A2P SMS Messaging?

A2P or Application-to-Person SMS Messaging is the process of sending mobile messages from an application to a user’s smartphone for marketing purposes. Businesses use A2P in specific technical modes to interface with customers, verify users of online services or send time-sensitive alerts. Because of this, A2P SMS messaging is also called Enterprise or Professional SMS. Application to Person messaging is a disclosure that begins from a business side and not a user’s messages.

A2P messaging is widely used in SMS API integration, access via a web interface by securing a username and password, or the deployment of an executive enterprise solution.

Where else do we need A2P SMS Messaging:

To make anti-fraud alerts, balance statement messages, payment reminders, and notifications of withdrawal.

The most common cases of A2P SMS include banking notifications, critical alerts, SMS-based two-factor authentication, automatic booking confirmations, loyalty programs, and marketing notifications, etc.’ 2P SMS are used to grow productivity and improve communication e.g. in online reservation systems, different corporate platforms and support services. Financial institutions have been using A2P SMS for over 15 years, by delivering automated, event-based SMS notifications to their clients’ mobile phones.

How is A2P messaging different from P2P messaging?

Although the actual messages that your customers receive on their devices are a bit similar, there are some differences in the delivery mechanism that caters to the high-volume nature of A2P message traffic.

With P2P messaging, a single message is sent from one person to another, whereas in A2P the same message can be sent to a very high number of people. Networks handle traffic differently and in many countries, there are laws in place to curb the sending of large amounts of unsolicited messages. For example, in the US and Canada, any business sending A2P messages needs to register with the network carriers and abide by their rules in return for quick and guaranteed delivery.

When sending A2P messages, especially over national boundaries, we advise that you use a professional enterprise SMS solution that is versatile and has world-class API worldwide coverage.

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