Fixed Sender ID

What is Fixed Sender ID?

Fixed Sender ID is a fixed numeral sender identification of the mobile number that is displayed on the recipient’s phone screen. 

Fixed Sender ID is a powerful feature that allows businesses to increase customer engagement by using a consistent and recognizable sender number when sending messages. This means that customers will always know who is sending them messages, as well as being able to quickly identify the sender. 

This increases the chances that customers will open and respond to messages, as they will be more likely to recognize the sender. It also helps to build trust between the business and the customer, as customers will know that they are receiving messages from a legitimate source. 

Fixed Sender ID also helps to ensure compliance with regulations by using a pre-set sender number, making it easier for businesses to ensure that they are sending messages in accordance with applicable laws.

How does it work?

Fixed Sender ID works by assigning a specific telephone number or sender ID to a business’s messaging platform. This number is then associated with each message sent, allowing customers to quickly identify the sender. 

This number is typically displayed on the customer’s phone, along with the message content. The customer then knows that the message is from the business, and can respond to it accordingly. This ensures that customers are able to quickly and easily identify who is sending them messages, increasing engagement and trust between the business and the customer.

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