MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

What is MNP (Mobile Number Portability)?

Mobile Number Portability or MNP gives the ability for mobile phone users to keep their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another. Firstly launched in Singapore in 1997 it gained over a hundred markets today that allow MNP.

This service was introduced to make it easier for people to switch providers without having to change their phone numbers. MNP works by transferring a customer’s existing phone number to the new provider, while the customer’s existing phone service is terminated with the old provider.

This eliminates the hassle of having to update friends, family, and colleagues with a new phone number when switching providers. Additionally, customers can keep their phone number even if they move to a new city or region, making it easier to stay connected with people they know. Some providers may also offer additional benefits when signing up for MNP, such as discounted tariffs or special offers.

How does this work?

When a customer requests to switch providers, the new provider will contact the old provider to transfer the number. The customer’s existing phone service with the old provider is then terminated and the new provider will activate the service with the customer’s existing phone number. The customer will then be able to start using their new service with the same phone number.

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