MO (Mobile Originated) message

What is MO (Mobile Originated) message?

MO (Mobile Originated) message is a type of message sent from a mobile device to a network. It typically includes a request for a service such as sending a text message or making a phone call. MO messages are sent from the mobile device to the mobile network and are typically used to initiate a communication session.

MO messages are used to initiate a communication session with a network provider, such as when a user sends a text message or makes a phone call. MO messages are typically sent using the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol, which allows users to send and receive text messages over the mobile network. Additionally, MO messages can be used to activate services or applications, such as an alarm or a reminder. MO messages are also used to initiate data services, such as web browsing, downloading music or videos, or accessing web-based applications.

How does it work? 

When a mobile device sends an MO message, the message is first sent to the mobile network. The network then routes the message to the service that the user requested, such as a text message, phone call, or application. Depending on the service, the message may then be routed to a third-party provider or a server that processes the request. Once the request is processed, the response is sent back to the mobile device.

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