Numeric Sender ID

What is a Numeric Sender ID?

Numeric Sender ID is a type of sender ID used when sending SMS messages that contain only numbers instead of a text-based sender ID. This type of sender ID is commonly used by businesses, organizations, and other entities that want to communicate with their customers via SMS.

How does this work?

Numeric Sender IDs work by sending an SMS message with a special code that is associated with the sender. This code is then used by the recipient’s mobile phone to identify the sender of the message. The code can be set up in advance so that the sender’s identity is verified each time a message is sent. This helps to ensure that the message is coming from a trusted source and not a third party. The recipient can then respond directly to the sender using the code.

What are its uses?

A numeric Sender ID is used to uniquely identify the sender of an SMS message. It is a short code (usually up to 6 digits) that is sent with each message to help the recipient identify the sender. This type of sender ID can be used to create brand recognition, build trust and enhance communication with customers. 

Numeric Sender IDs can be used to send promotional messages, notifications, reminders, customer service updates, and more. It is also used to track response rates to campaigns and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. A numeric Sender ID is a cost-effective way to reach large numbers of people quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, Numeric Sender IDs can be used to push brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

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